Episode 36: Truth On Solar ☀️

Today’s Show:

Everything you need to know about solar panels! We have our Solar Expert Taylor Russell, VP of Kayo Energy. We also have Joe Smith from Epic Mortgages, Owner Rob Sell from Sell Home Inspections, & Jay Joseph from Josephs Appraisal Group, to chime with their knowledge of Solar Energy. You won’t want to miss!

**Special Offer** Kayo Energy is offering $500 cash to buyers who mention that they are listeners of the show! Plus if they buy over lease, there’s 1k in AZ tax credit AND the additional Fed tax credit! Check out www.kayoenergy.com for a free quote!

Special Guests:

Taylor Russell – VP of Kayo Energy 

Joe Smith – Owner/Broker of Epic Mortgage

Rob Sell – Owner of Sell Home Inspections

Jay Joseph – Owner of JAG Appraisal Group

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