Episode 41:🌻Flower To The People: Everything You Need To Know About AZ Prop 207

Today’s Show:

Ryan Hurley is the General Counsel for Copperstate Farms in Snowflake, AZ. Ryan is in studio to explain why he’s passionate about ending the cannabis prohibition and what exactly Prop 207 means for Arizona! Another organization close to Ryan’s heart is The Last Prisoner Project. With over 40,000 prisoners in jail for cannabis related crimes, that in certain states are no longer illegal, this Nonprofit fights to get cannabis prisoners released and help them rebuild their lives. Ballots will be in our mailboxes soon so please do your research and vote YES for Prop 207!

To learn more about Prop207 check out: www.smartandsafeaz.com & please if you can donate to show your support! #Yeson207 #thebusinessofdrugs #lastprisonerproject #theMOREact

Special Guests:

Ryan Hurley – General Counsel for Copperstate Farms 

Ryan has been an Attorney for 15 years. 10 of those years he spent at Rose Law Group and became a partner there. Ryan is passionate about ending the cannabis prohibition and educating people on why they should support the Smart & Safe intuitive for legalizing cannabis in AZ.

Important Links From Today’s Show:




www.mpp.org/policy/federal/ – Send a message to congress to support the MORE act!

www.lastprisonerproject.org/ – Nonprofit Cannabis Reform

www.netflix.com/title/80199963 – The Business Of Drugs


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