Episode 42: “What are you waiting for?” Don’t let Uncertainty and Fear get in your way to success!🙌

Today’s Show:

On Today’s show we have Joe Smith  & Anthony Penna in studio to address some of the FEARS people have about today’s market! Like Anthony said “Headlines do more to TERRIFY than to CLARIFY date” so forget the headlines and tune-in! #stockmarket #presidentialelection #forclosures #forbearance #unemploymentcomparison #homesales #housingmarket #uncertainty #cromfordreport

Special Guests:

Joe Smith – Owner/Broker of Epic Mortgage 

Anthony Penna – Director of Sales & Marketing at Lawyers Title of Arizona

Important Links From Today’s Show:

https://myepicloan.com/ – Joe’s website

http://www.lawyerstitlearizona.com/ – Anthony’s Website

https://integrityallstars.com/ – Rebecca’s Website


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