Episode 43: It’s Not All About The Money 💵

Today’s Show:

On Today’s show we have the INSPIRING Veronica Barragan aka Joti Radjeep Kaur! Veronica is the owner of Satori Wellness & #SovereignWoman Academy. Before her journey into Healing & Spirituality, Veronica used to work as a Real Estate Broker & Business Coach.

Veronica left her lucrative business in the Real Estate field to follow her Dharmic Path of helping others take their Sovereignty back and teach holistic healing of the body, mind, and spirit!

Veronica truly is someone to learn from, she offers programs such as energy mastery and business alignment, one-on-one trauma and addiction recovery, integration programs for plant medicine therapy, business launches and corporate wellness. #SovereignWomen Academy is another program she offers which is an 11 week mentorship to master your energy, heal body, mind, spirit, and align with your soul’s legacy.

Special Guests:

Veronica Barragan aka Joti Radjeep Kaur – Owner of Satori Wellness & The #SovereignWoman Academy

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