Episode 47: Self Care Is Non-Negotiable🙅‍♀️

Today’s Show:

We have the one and only Dr. Andrea Purcell! She will be going over why self-care is SO important and what we can do to make it a priority.

Dr. Purcell prides herself on being a Dr. who listens! She is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who has been in private practice for over two DECADES. She helps women over 40 with health & hormone issues reclaim their lives with natural therapies. Her mission statement is “To help women stop surviving and start thriving by taking back control of their health”.

If you are ready to start THRIVING go to www.DrAndreaPurcell.com for your free 15 min discovery call with Dr. Purcell!

Special Guests:

Dr. Andrea Purcell 

Phone: 800-318-8582

Email: Office@DrAndreaPurcell.com

Website: http://www.DrAndreaPurcell.com


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