Episode 51: The Unknown & Unlimited Potential 🌟

Today’s Show:

On today’s show we have our FAVORITE Commercial Real Estate Broker Mary Nollenberger and the Amazing Brandie Heredia Owner of Unmarked Beauty & Wellness. These beautiful ladies are with us today to talk about businesses that have thrived during Covid and how, as Mary puts it, “stepping into the unknown leads to unlimited potential”. There is a lot to be learned from both of today’s guests so I suggest you tune-in and find out how to start achieving your dreams aka access your “Unlimited Potential” today!

Special Guests:

Mary Nollenberger – Senior Vice President at Orion Investment Real Estate

Mary has 20+ years of extensive commercial real estate experience and represents investors in acquisition, stabilization, and disposition in the Phoenix metro market. She has won numerous awards over the years for being an influencer in the Commercial Real Estate industry.

Phone: 480-748-8266

Email: mary.nollenberger@orionprop.com

Website: http://www.orionprop.com/

Brandie Heredia – Certified Nurse Injector, RN, BSN & Owner of Unmarked Beauty And WellnessΒ Β 

Brandie has over 15 years of experience in the medical field, bringing her knowledge and expertise to her clients. She has trained and worked alongside the Valley’s most trusted physicians. With her knowledge and desire to help people look and feel their very best, she has made Unmarked Beauty and Wellness one of the top 5 ranked Best of Chandler in 2018.

Phone: (480) 737-1394

Email: info@unmarkedbeautyandwellness.com

Website: https://unmarkedbeautyandwellness.com/


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