Episode 58: Appraisals; The Good, Bad, & Ugly 🤬🤯😳

Today’s Show:

If you are thinking of buying or selling in today’s market you NEED to watch this episode! We have appraisal expert Robert Oglesby on the show to shed some light on how appraisers are handling this crazy market we are currently in. You’ll learn how they are dealing with waived appraisals, appraisal disputes and so much MORE! We also have one of our favorite mortgage brokers Joe Smith from Epic Mortgage in studio to discuss what he’s seeing on the lending side of things. You’re not gonna want to miss this!

Listen & Learn:

1:58 – Introducing Robert

3:58 – Robert’s definition of an appraisal

7:50 – Appraisal disputes

10:06 – How to dispute an appraisal value

14:30 – Turn around times & challenges for appraisers

16:20 – How appraisals changed after the downturn

18:00 – Making adjustments due to the current market

21:20 – Market Stats

23:00 – Appraisers take on waived appraisals

26:00 – Current market trends

27:51 – Advice for appraisers in our current market

30:37 – Robert’s last thoughts

Special Guests:

Robert Oglesby, SRA, AI-RRS, ASA – President & Founder of Appraisal Tek

Robert takes a dynamic role supervising all appraisal management operations, including as a quality control reviewer. Active and current in his profession, Robert has obtained SRA, AI-RRS designations from the Appraisal institute, he is also an AQB Certified USPAP instructor, in the field he specializes in the valuation of high-performing and luxury housing. Robert organizes and presents continuing education seminars for real estate professionals, in which he covers current underwriting guidelines, appraisal methods, approaches to value, and thorough explanations of the appraisal process.

Phone: 480-288-5162

Email: info@appraisaltek.com

Website: www.appraisaltek.net

Joe Smith – Owner/Broker of Epic Mortgage

Joe Smith first started in the mortgage business in 2002 as a loan officer. He quickly established himself as a top producer, eventually managing the state of Arizona for a top 10 mortgage lender. After 17yrs in traditional retail banking, working for many top companies in the mortgage business he decided to make a jump to becoming a mortgage broker himself. Currently, Joe is the Broker and Owner at Epic Mortgage and is definitely someone you’re gonna want to go to for advice on lending!

Phone: 602-741-4121

Email: joe@myepicloan.com

Website: www.myepicloan.com


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