Episode 59: Follow The Data📊 NOT The Drama🎭

Today’s Show:

Today’s show is all about the DATA! If you have questions about the housing market or have fears of another crash coming then today’s show is for you! With our two expert guests, Anthony Penna from Lawyers Title & Joe Smith from Epic Mortgage, we will tackle the fears of an upcoming housing crash and explain the REAL data of today’s market. Don’t let media headlines scare you out of buying a home, watch our show and decide for yourself what you think will happen!

Listen & Learn

1:33​ – Introduce Anthony & Joe
5:21​ – Why do people think we are going to have another crash?
6:54 – Foreclosure ban until 2022
8:20​ – Perfect advice vs expert advice
9:45​ – Mortgage in active forbearance
12:30​ – Average foreclosures over last 23 years
17:14​ – Default risk in the mortgage market
20:20 – Chart on inventory of homes for sale
23:30 – Chart of home equity cashed out
27:45​ – Is AZ at a point where home buyers are not going to be able to buy?
32:00​ – Cromford housing market stats
36:00​ – When is it going to get easier to buy?

Special Guests:

Anthony Penna – Director of Sales & Marketing at Lawyers Title

“There is nothing more satisfying than helping people achieve their goals by providing them with opportunities to excel in their business. It’s an awesome process that I feel very fortunate to be a part of both as a former sales executive of 15 years and now in my current position since 2014. I love what I do at Lawyers Title.” As the highest ranked company in title insurance (proudly ranked 293 on the Fortune 500 list), Lawyers Title is the leading resource for all title, escrow, and marketing needs in the real estate industry.

Phone: 602-510-8848
Email: apenna@ltic.com
Website: www.lawyerstitlearizona.com

Joe Smith – Owner/Broker of Epic Mortgage

Joe Smith first started in the mortgage business in 2002 as a loan officer. He quickly established himself as a top producer, eventually managing the state of Arizona for a top 10 mortgage lender. After 17yrs in traditional retail banking, working for many top companies in the mortgage business he decided to make a jump to becoming a mortgage broker himself. Currently, Joe is the Broker and Owner at Epic Mortgage and is definitely someone you’re gonna want to go to for advice on lending!

Phone: 602-741-4121
Email: joe@myepicloan.com
Website: www.myepicloan.com

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