Episode 60: Toastmasters & Speaking Your Truth❤️

Today’s Show:

On today’s show we have the motivational Rachel Gurevich, RN, Freelance Write, & Editor! Rachel’s journey was not an easy one but it is an inspiring one. We will cover how she came to be an RN, a writer and how Toastmasters changed her life for the better! She had to “turn her life upside down in order to get it right side up” and since then she has been able to speak her truth and encourage others as well. Listen to todays show to learn more about Rachel’s journey and what she does to help others now.

Listen & Learn

2:20​ – Introduce Rachel
6:25​ – Rachel’s Website
10:13 – What is Toastmasters
11:08 – Rachel’s Toastmasters Journey
15:45 – Rachel’s Professional Background
16:20​ – Infertility Story
21:00 – From Mathematics to Nursing
27:00 – Rachel’s Coming Out Story
31:30 – Rebecca’s Toastmaster Experience
35:55 – Rachel’s Thoughts on Toastmasters

Special Guests:

Rachel Gurevich – RN, Freelance Write, & Editor

My passion is helping women make informed and empowered decisions regarding fertility, pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I’m the author of three books: Birth Plans for Dummies (with coauthor Sharon Perkins), The Doula Advantage, and the FabJob Guide to Become a Doula. I also write about fertility for Verywell. Besides the womb-warrior mission, I’m the mother of four children, a voracious reader, and gaga for all things writing.

Email: rachel@rachelgurevich.com
Website: www.rachelgurevich.com

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