Episode 62: From Surviving To Thriving ๐Ÿ™Œ


Today’s Show:

Today’s show is a part 1 of 2! We have the incredible Kristen Schwartz from Realized Empath on to talk to us about empaths, healing, trauma, and so much MORE! Kristen is incredible because she found a way to help others heal through healing herself. In today’s part 1 of the show, we will cover Kristen’s background and how she came to where she is today, what exactly is an empath, and how that is different from someone who is highly sensitive. Stay tuned for part 2 next Friday!

Listen & Learn

2:00โ€‹ – Introduce Kristen
3:45โ€‹ – How Kristen found out she was an empath
5:15 – What is a spiritual awakening
15:30 – More on Kristen’s awakening & healing process
17:15 – How she built herself back up
20:20 – What is an empath
22:14 – How Realized Empath came along
26:50 – Why Kristen started Realized Empath
28:25 – More about Kristen & her website
33:15 – How to get in touch with Kristen & what services she offers

Special Guests:

Kristen Schwartz – MA (Counseling), Author, Traumaย Healer, Entrepreneurย 

Iโ€™m an intuitive, sensitive healer at heart. I was guided to my degrees in Counseling/Psychology for a reason (empathy on overdrive). I’m currently working on my Trauma Recovery Certification. Itโ€™s a gift, a passion, a purpose. I created Realized Empath to support the specific healing needs of the empath and highly sensitive person. Through self-awareness, we see our blocks; we learn to release what we perceive by healing our pain. By acknowledging our needs, we begin to trust and deepen intuition. By implementing boundaries, we feel safer in a hi-definition world.

Phone: 480-674-0774

Email: info@realizedempath.com

Website: www.realizedempath.com/ & linktr.ee/realized_empath

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