Episode 63: Realized Empath: From Hiding To Healing🙏


Today’s Show:

Today’s show is a part 2 of last week’s show! Kristen Schwartz from Realized Empath is in studio to talk to us about empaths, healing, trauma, and so much MORE! Kristen is incredible because she found a way to help others heal through healing herself. In today’s part 2 of the show, we will cover co-dependency relating to empaths, embracing empathic abilities, and what Kristen offers for people who are struggling with being an empath. We’ve also added a free guided meditation by Kristen herself at the end of todays show!

Listen & Learn

2:30​ – Labels Aside
5:30​ – Message behind Instagram post
8:25 – Trauma Survivor, Empath, or Both?
14:14 – Co-dependency & Empaths
20:33 – Empath, Co-dependent, or Both?
22:30 – Individual healing offering
25:00 – Tips for just starting the healing process
27:30 – Course content
31:00 – Embracing your empathic abilities
34:10 – Can extroverts be empaths
35:26​ – Empath morning ritual journal
36:50 – Kristen’s offerings
38:00 – Kristen’s charities
41:03 – Kristen last thoughts
42:37 -Meditation for letting go

Kristen Schwartz – MA (Counseling), Author, Trauma Healer, Entrepreneur 

I’m an intuitive, sensitive healer at heart. I was guided to my degrees in Counseling/Psychology for a reason (empathy on overdrive). I’m currently working on my Trauma Recovery Certification. It’s a gift, a passion, a purpose. I created Realized Empath to support the specific healing needs of the empath and highly sensitive person. Through self-awareness, we see our blocks; we learn to release what we perceive by healing our pain. By acknowledging our needs, we begin to trust and deepen intuition. By implementing boundaries, we feel safer in a hi-definition world.

Phone: 480-674-0774

Email: info@realizedempath.com

Website: www.realizedempath.com/ & linktr.ee/realized_empath

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