The Other Side, Ghost Hunting👻, & Unconditional Love💖 with Social Psychic Jason Zuk

Today’s Show:

The remarkable Jason Zuk has joined us again on this week’s show to expand on psychic abilities/intuition, crystals, AND do a reading for our Host Rebecca Rains! Jason is truly an amazing person with many different talents, Psychic Medium, Lawyer, & Podcast Host to name a few! Check out where Jason gets his crystal collection from and if you like this video take a look at Jason’s channel for more!

Listen & Learn

2:00 – Rebecca’s Introduces Jason
2:45 – How Jason connects during readings
4:00 – Different forms of intuitive abilities and time
6:30 – Jason reads Rebecca
17:36 – Jason’s predictions for Rebecca in 2022
19:00 – Rebecca’s message from her dream
23:00 – When you cross over
24:20- Rebecca’s ghost hunting tour story
27:50 – Jason’s final words of wisdom

Special Guest:

Jason M. Ciofalo a/k/a Jason Zuk – The Social Psychic & Lawyer: 

Jason has been a licensed Attorney since 2001 and a psychic medium since 2004. Jason adopted the pseudonym “Jason Zuk” in honor of his grandfather whose death inspired him on his spiritual path. When Jason’s grandfather passed away in August 2004, he developed his intuitive abilities and realized that he possesses the ability to communicate with the other side. Since that time, Jason has read for hundreds of people and he has learned that our deceased loved ones tend to remain with us after they cross over to the other side.

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