Episode 73: Spice Up Your Home🏡 So Important With These Recent Market Changes!

Today’s Show:

“Buyers decide within 8 seconds whether they are interested in your home” – Barbara Corcoran.😲 This is why staging can make or break a home sale. Our friend Talia, owner of Spice Up Your Home – Furniture & Staging, is on with us today to talk about her services and how her staging has helped many people sell their homes.🏡 78% of homes will sell faster and for more money if they are staged! We have used Talia’s staging services for many of our listings and I can tell you first hand how much of a difference it has made.🙌 Watch till the end to find out about the current market stats📉 and why sellers might want to look into staging if they are going to be listing!

Listen & Learn:

1:30 – Rebecca introduces Talia Stennett
3:30 – Virtual staging vs real staging
5:00 – Stats on staging
6:30 – Services that Talia’s company offers
8:00 – Rebecca’s story of staging a clients home
8:45 – Talia’s staging experience
10:45 – Talia’s store Spice Up Your Home
12:00 – Styles for your home that are in right now
15:25 – Examples of listings that Talia’s staging has helped sell
19:35 – How Covid is affecting furniture costs
22:25 – If someone wants staging but has a house full of furniture?
28:00 – Current market stats
31:11 – Cromford market index explained

Special Guest:

Talia Stennett – Founder of Spice Up Your Home:

After working as a real estate agent for 14 years, Talia found that home staging made a huge difference in her home sales. In June 2018, Talia decided to open her very own home staging and furniture store called Spice Up Your Home in Chandler, Arizona. Since then business has grown and many sellers/homeowners have come to realize how important staging is.

Phone: (480) 848-5997
Email: info@spiceupyourhome.com
Website: https://spiceupyourhome.com/
Address: 4140 S Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85248

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