Episode 76: Which Special Woman In Your Life Deserves To Feel Like A Queen? 👑

Today’s Show:

Today’s episode is all about the importance of self empowerment and how something as simple as a photoshoot can truly make one’s self-worth skyrocket. We are joined in studio by Denise Nicole who is a Boudoir photographer here in Phoenix and the inspirational Veronica Barragan from the Sovereign Woman Academy. Denise has been in photographer since 2003 but has really found her passion to be in Boudoir photography because of her drive to help women feel beautiful, loved, worthy, and empowered. Denise has such a passion to help others that she is starting a non-profit and a community on Facebook to uplift and encourage each other. Watch or listen to today’s show to learn how you or someone you love could win a FREE BOUDOIR SHOOT ($425 value) with the fabulous Denise!

Listen & Learn:

1:15 – Rebecca Intro’s Denise
3:15 – Denise’s client Adrian Video
5:30 – Adrian’s experience w/ Denise
10:36 – Denise’s story
11:36 – How Denise started w/ Boudoir Photography
14:40 – The client that changed Denise’s way of photographing
21:45 – Denise’s personal story & being empowered vs power
25:10 – Intro Veronica Barragan
27:33 – How Denise & Veronica met
28:50 – Denise’s non-profit
29:25 – Want a free Boudoir shoot?
30:00 – Veronica’s thoughts on Denise’s services
33:25 – How to find Veronica & her services she offers
36:30 – Denise’s services & non-profit info
38:40 – How to find Denise

Special Guest:

Denise Nicole – Professional Photographer: Phoenix boudoir photographer, Denise Nicole, is one of the most experienced boudoir photographers in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Gilbert. With over a decade of empowering women and teaching them about self love through the power of boudoir photography, Denise Nicole has seen great success in the boudoir photography industry. If you are looking for the best boudoir photographer in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Gilbert, AZ look no further than Denise Nicole Photography. A Phoenix boudoir photography experience unlike any other!

Phone: 623-341-4770
Email: Denise@denisenicolephotography.com
Website: www.denisenicolephotography.com/

Veronica Barragan – aka Joti Radjeep Kaur – Owner of Satori Wellness & The #SovereignWoman Academy: I left a lucrative business of 15 years as A Real Estate Broker and Business Coach to hundreds of Entrepreneurs, to follow my Dharmic Path of helping others take their Sovereignty back holistically healing body, mind, and Spirit and aligning with their business in order to create a Legacy in this lifetime.

Website: https://linktr.ee/veronicabarraganiam

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