Episode 81: Meet Frank – The Disruptor In The Construction 🚧 World 🌎

Today’s Show:

Today we have the CEO Anna Cheniuntai of Apis Cor, a leader in the 3D Printing world, in-studio to discuss all things 3D Printing including Frank, the robot who can 3D print an entire house in a matter of 40 hours! Anna will cover how exactly they are printing these homes and what kind of material they use. If this sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie just wait because not only does Apis Cor print here on earth but they are working on 3D printing on Mars & the Moon! Watch today’s episode to learn more about this groundbreaking technology and Anna the brilliant woman behind the machine!

Listen & Learn

1:48 – Rebecca Intro’s Anna
3:50 – 3D Printing vs regular construction
6:20 – 3D Printing on the Moon & Mars??
8:34 – The Material they use to print houses
11:00 – Is a 3D Printer able to build the type of homes we live in now?
13:09 – Do you need wood at all when printing a house?
15:45 – By 2040 we will need to build as many houses as the previous 2000 years
17:05 – Who are the customers of Apis Cor?
23:22 – What is Sealegacy?
27:48 – Do you need insulation for your printed houses?
29:30 – How much does it cost to build a 3D house?
31:45 – Meet Frank and his family (3D Printers)
34:50 – How to reserve a Frank for yourself
39:55 – How does this new technology change the construction industry?41:25 – Would FHA loan on a 3D Printed house?
47:19 – How to connect with Apis Cor

Special Guests:

Anna Cheniuntai – Founder & CEO of Apis Cor

Anna studied space physics in college and at age 22, Managed a $6M Olympic Game project. Today Anna is the CEO of Apis-Cor –The 3D printing company that’s printing homes on Earth today and soon on Mars and the Moon! Apis Cor is NASA awarded company doing disruptive concrete 3D printing robots. 3D printing technology allows to build faster and cheaper making affordable housing truly accessible.

Email: general@apis-cor.com
Website: www.apis-cor.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/apiscor3d
Instagram: @apiscor3d

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