Episode 84: Clear Your Mind, Clean Your Body, & Lift Your Spirit🙏

Today’s Show:

Today on our show we have the remarkable Cori Roberts!🙌 Cori is a Quantum Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Detox Specialist, and so much MORE! Cori has been on our show in the past to share with us her Hypnotherapy skills and to talk about how she helped stage 4 cancer patients shrink their tumors with her therapy sessions! Cori is an absolutely amazing human being who has a gift for healing. Tune into today’s show to learn what exactly a Quantum Therapist is and what other services Cori offers to her clients!

Listen & Learn

1:14 – Rebecca intros Cori Roberts
2:13 – What is a Quantum Therapist
4:16 – What kind of people come to see you?
6:50 – Do you incorporate other modalities into your sessions?
9:05 – What is Crystaline healing?
12:00 – More about Crystaline healing
15:17 – Rebecca’s experience with Cori
20:30 – What is dead water?
21:09 – What is live water and how does that affect us?
22:25 – Japanese Scientist Masaru Emoto and his discovery
27:30 – Ready to meditate?
29:45 – How hypnotherapy helps chronic illness
30:50 – The time Cori worked with stage 4 cancer patients
33:00 – Cori’s website
35:30 – Who is Dolores Cannon?
41:00 – Recommend books by Dolores Cannon
42:00 – How did Cori take the plunge from traditional to alternative therapy?
42:30 – How to increase cellular vibrancy
46:45 – Get a free 15min consult with Cori

Special Guests:

Cori Roberts – Mind Body Specialist:

I am an artist, music lover and passionate about eating clean and vibrant foods. I pride and celebrate myself in being exactly who I am. Often people might see me as younger in nature, that’s because I am! I have been detoxing, meditating and living my best life for almost 15 years. I have learned a tremendous amount about myself through unwinding social pressures, emotional disturbance, physical illnesses, etc…. By doing so, I have uncovered the REAL me and brought about my purpose and gifts. My unique gifts of being a medical intuitive, hypnotherapist, detox specialist, mom of 3 and a professional photographer gives me a unique look at life. I believe that we are all here to find ourselves again. Our authentic selves. And when we do, there is no greater gift.

Website: www.coriroberts.com
Email: info@coriroberts.com
Phone: 480-330-4577
Instagram: Words2Wellness

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