Episode 85: The Good News 📰 (And Bad) Of Commercial Real Estate & Business

Today’s Show:

Today we have the one and only Mary Nollenberger, Senior Vice President at Orion Investment Real Estate! Mary has been working in commercial real estate for over 20 years and has won numerous awards for her outstanding performance. Mary knows her stuff when it comes to helping businesses find the absolute best location to open shop and plays a vital role in lease negotiations. If you are planning on opening a new business soon, Mary is definitely the person to talk to!

Listen & Learn

2:00 – Rebecca intro’s Mary
4:40 – How is the commercial side of real estate going?
6:00 – Economic forecasts for AZ
9:55 – Comparing to the residential world
12:00 – Awards Mary has won
15:00 – What’s happening to brick & mortar shops?
18:30 – Misty’s donuts and what Mary does for businesses
20:55 – Some of the new tech Mary’s company uses
23:00 – Is it as competitive as residents in commercial?
25:20 – Mary’s story on commercial leasing
26:50 – Cromford chart on stats
27:50 – What are lease escalation limitations?
32:24 – Hot commercial business categories
33:10 – Most exciting new business concept
35:40 – Mary’s words of wisdom
37:00 – Mary’s charity that is close to her heart
39:50 – How to get ahold of Mary

Special Guests:

Mary Nollenberger – Senior Vice President at Orion Investment Real Estate

Mary has 20+ years of extensive commercial real estate experience and represents investors in acquisition, stabilization, and disposition in the Phoenix metro market. She has won numerous awards over the years for being an influencer in the Commercial Real Estate industry.

Phone: 480-748-8266
Email: mary.nollenberger@orionprop.com
Website: http://www.orionprop.com/

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