Episode 98: SABS – The Alternative Building Material🏗️ That’s Revolutionizing The Housing🏠 Industry!


Today’s Show:

Introducing Strata International Group and their product SABS, the alternative building material that is REVOLUTIONIZING today’s construction industry!🤯 Imagine if you could build your dream home🏠 with no framers, drywallers, stucco contractors, or even a roofer?! With SABS you can not only cut back on construction costs and time but it is also highly durable💪, eco-friendly🌎, and extremely energy-efficient☀️. Be sure to watch the full episode to learn more about this revolutionary product and the masterminds behind it all! 

Listen & Learn:

1:15 – Rebecca intros Amir Saebi
3:30 – How SABS protects against termites & mold
6:25 – Dr. Nasser Saebi the man, the myth, the legend
10:20 – How SABS will revolutionize the construction industry
12:25 – What other ways you can use SABS
17:20 – News on alternative building material
20:20 – Rebecca intros Caleb Taddeucci
22:00 – What is Strata’s ability to take on more orders?
24:15 – Cost savings vs. regular construction & financing
27:40 – Why do you need to have most of the foam on site?
28: 55 – How energy-efficient are SABS-built homes?
30:00 – Can you combine with the Tesla roof system?
31:10 – Strata’s charity
33:00 – What is EPS foam?

Special Guests:

Strata International Group, Inc:

Dr. Nasser Saebi, CEO and Founder of Strata International Group and a Master Engineer has spent his entire career developing the SABS technology. SABS™ is a multi-patented, composite building system that utilizes Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) as the core material for all structural members; walls, roof, and floor. This remarkable technology can withstand Earthquake, water and vapor proof, fire resistance, and wind resistance up to 265 MPH. The SABS Building System is not only a high-quality product and durable but developed for disaster relief. SABS™ offers great benefits to everyone, including architects, builders, and homeowners.

Website: https://www.strataus.com/
Phone: (602) 684-9260
Email: Support@Strataus.com

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