Episode 99: The Future of Real Estate🏠- Blockchain, Crypto💱, NFTs and MORE with Propy!


Today’s Show:

Did you know you can sell your house🏠 as an NFT? Or that you can purchase a house using Cryptocurrency??🤯 Introducing Propy the company that is revolutionizing how we buy and sell houses. Propy has figured out how to complete real estate transactions on Blockchain that will not only speed up⏩ the process but make it safer as well. In studio, we have Adam Brown the VP of Sales & Broker Relations from Propy 😄 joining us to explain, who Propy is, what they can do for buyers and sellers in today’s market and so much MORE!

Listen & Learn:

1:20 – Rebecca intros Adam Brown
4:00 – What services does Propy offer?
6:30 – What is an NFT and how can you use it to sell a home?
11:00 – Is this the beginning to the end for Title Companies?
12:52 – Blockchain & Real Estate
18:15 – The Propy website & courses they offer
19:19 – The charity Propy supports “Homes For Our Troops”
21:17 – The 1st real estate purchase with NFT
22:56 – What does it mean to NFT a house?
25:25 – How long does it take to list your home (NFT) with Propy?
29:35 – How do NFT & Crypto work together?
33:16 – The different Cryptocurrency wallet types explained
35:19 – Adam’s advice for learning more about Crypto & Blockchain
37:16 – When will Crypto & Blockchain be the norm in real estate?
44:20 – Rebecca’s final recap

Special Guests:

Propy, Inc:

As a real estate professional for 15 years, the CEO of Propy, Natalia Karayaneva was frustrated with how time-consuming and rife with fraud real estate transactions were. Propy was built with the vision to automate the real estate sales process. Propy’s Transaction Management Platform is an all-in-one solution that revamps the purchase process by leveraging the latest in groupware and blockchain technology. The Palo Alto-based company is writing new pages in real estate history by introducing the technology to allow entirely online and self-driving real estate transactions on smart contracts.

Website: https://propy.com/browse/
Email: support@propy.com

Adam Brown – VP of Sales & Broker Relations:

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the Real Estate Industry for 25 years and have worked alongside most of the Nation’s top Agents and Brokerages. I am passionate about leveraging new products and technology in the Real Estate transaction to make Brokerages and Agents more streamlined and productive. I am working closely with agents to seam together traditional Real Estate and Web 3.0.

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