Episode 102: How To Easily Build A Healthy Home🏡 With Brian Johnson of Senergy360

Today’s Show:

Have you ever heard of a holistic home?🏡 They say we spend 90% of our time indoors 😲 so why not make sure it is a healthy space? Well, that is exactly what our guest Brian Johnson Founder & CEO of Senergy360 does! In 2020, he built and designed the world’s first Optimized Living Home in Tucson, Arizona.
Healthy homes are easy to build with the right advice. Brian is dedicated to creating new standards of modern living by designing and building holistic homes of the future, today!🙌
Check out our show notes tab to see more photos/videos of Brian’s model home in Tucson and also his PowerPoint on holistic homes! 😄

Listen & Learn:

2:50 – Rebecca intros Brian
5:00 – What led Brian down the path of healthy homebuilding
7:05 – Have you heard of the term “mold for gold”
10:30 – Are you also staying healthy during the building process?
13:19 – What is LEED?
18:25 – Do you do remodels or only new builds?
22:30 – Did you start your company to optimize your health or because you had specific health issues?
25:37 – Do people get physical health tests when you start working with them?
27:28 – What Brian tests for when he is looking at house
31:17 – Brian’s tools he used to test the health of a house
33:25 – The EMF meter Brian uses
36:16 – Indoor air quality & fresh air ventilation systems
38:54 – What does Brian look for when testing a home?
44:10 – Some final thoughts from Brian

Special Guests:

Brian Johnson – Founder & CEO of Senergy360:

A Building Biologist accredited by the Building Biology Institute with over 20 years of experience as a General Contractor. Brian has a lifelong passion for health, athletic performance, and wellness. He is highly accomplished in the top Ironman and Xterra events, making the top 1% classification as an All-World Athlete. He has also coached athletes using science-based techniques to achieve high-level results. Brian is now on a mission to provide access (and the know-how) to the PROVEN Cutting-Edge Technologies & Systems for building holistic living structures.

In 2020, he built and designed the world’s first Optimized Living Home in Tucson, Arizona. It is a model home that applies the best and newest science to create optimized living environments, and it serves as an educational model for other builders to adopt more sustainable solutions for their clients. Tours are available by request. The home features the latest solutions in every aspect of the living environment to support optimal health and living. This one-of-a-kind home is equipped with cutting-edge systems and solutions for circadian lighting, EMF protection, 5G shielding, water purification, air quality, and mold-resistant materials. Every aspect of the home was sourced with the best quality, safest, and cleanest materials available. Brian is committed to seeing Holistic Homes become the new standard in building the future.

Website: https://senergy360.com/
Email: brian@senergy360.com
Phone: 951-634-3588

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