Episode 105: F**k Being Fine With Lori Saitz From Zen Rabbit🧘

Today’s Show:

How many times has someone asked how you are doing and you said fine? But really you were NOT fine?😓 That is exactly what our guest Lori Saitz founder of Zen Rabbit is here to talk about! Lori is a Stress Eradication Coach and offers many services in the field of life coaching, corporate training, leadership development, customized meditations, and so much more!

With Lori’s company Zen Rabbit, she is able to help people find out what truly makes them happy and not settle for being “fine” because at the end of the day fine is not great and we want our listeners to feel GREAT!😄

Lori helps people figure out how to calm their minds and listen to their inner voice. Watch or listen to today’s episode to learn more about Lori Saitz and the story of Zen Rabbit.🧘 Also, learn what tips she has for those trying to be more than FINE!

Listen & Learn:

2:00 – Rebecca intros Lori
3:45 – Lori’s story of how she got the name Zen Rabbit
5:07 – Lori’s cookie venture
8:30 – Learning from your failures to achieve success
10:00 – We are not FINE
11:00 – Lori’s group programs
15:00 – What do people learn in Lori’s 8-week course
16:20 – Lori’s advice for meditating
18:20 – Rebecca’s mediation experience
20:50 – The different paths to the same results
22:30 – Lori’s customized meditations
25:56 – Lori’s speaking services
27:00 – The myth about high performers & overachievers
29:10 – Team-guided meditation
31:00 – Lori’s tips for eradicating stress during the holiday season
34:10 – Lori’s key takeaway
35:49 – Rebecca’s closing thoughts

Special Guests:

Lori Saitz – CEO of Zen Rabbit & Stress Eradication Coach:

At 48, I was asking “Is this who I’m supposed to be?” My mom had passed away fairly suddenly. I was in the process of closing my baking company after 11 years. My entire identity was wrapped up in that company. I was mourning the loss of both and questioning everything.

A couple of years later, the question of “do I want to live the next 20 years the same way I lived the last 20?” was still running through my mind. If not, what would I do differently? Because after 20 years of marriage and life, I was wondering where did the girl I used to be go? She used to be fun. Going to concerts and dancing and barbequing with friends. Now I didn’t even know what I considered fun anymore.

Many of my friends and colleagues felt similarly stuck. We talked about it all the time. But no one was willing to make a move. That’s the thing about friends. They’re willing to commiserate with you when you’re all in the same boat. But pushing you to make a change can be scary for them because it forces them to deal with their own crap. Then I reached the day when I decided I had to do the thing I didn’t want to do. It was time, for the highest good of everyone involved. I had to jump off the cliff without being able to see the ground or knowing what would happen on the way down. Once I took that leap, I became the guide for the others.

This has been my natural role in life. First-born, January baby – always the trailblazing leader and coach. So, it makes perfect sense that I’m offering my hand and help to you through this transitional time where you’re questioning your marriage, your career choice, or your overall life purpose. Hey girl, after living by someone else’s playbook, it’s time to play by your own rules. You’ve got this! Let me show you the way.

Phone: 571-317-1463
Email: lori@zenrabbit.com
Website: zenrabbit.com/

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