Episode 106: Spooky Treats🎃 & Healthy Eats With Jessica, Paula, & Tiny Chef London👩‍🍳

Today’s Show:

Happy Hall🎃ween! Today’s episode is a special one because we have some spooktacular treats that were made by none other than Tiny Chef London😄 and her team over at Healthy Eats & Cooking Techniques LLC.

Healthy Eats & Cooking Techniques LLC was started by London’s older sister Jessica Hipskind and her mom Paula Green with a focus on teaching those with neurodiverse abilities how to plan and prepare healthy🍅 meals!

On today’s episode, you will meet London our Tiny Chef👩‍🍳 along with Jessica and Paula. We will discuss the importance of healthy eating for those who reside in community living and talk about Jessica’s & Paula’s journey to healthy eating and what brought them to where they are today!

Also, be sure to check out our Show Extras Page for Jessica’s & Paula’s list of cooking essentials! www.gratefulheart.tv/2022/10/27/episode-106-show-extras/

Listen & Learn:

1:19 – Rebecca introduces Jessica & Paula
2:25 – How Rebecca & Jessica met
3:37 – London’s video message
4:40 – Jessica & London’s story
8:00 – Some of the things Jessica has done with London
9:30 – The story behind Healthy Eats & Cooking Techniques LLC
12:00 – How Paula started down the healthy eating path
15:30 – Healthy eating doesn’t need to be difficult
16:30 – Jessica’s vision for Healthy Eats & Cooking Techniques
20:31 – London’s Tiny Chef taste test video
22:27 – Where Jessica & Paula grow food at
23:35 – The Halloween treats that Jessica brought on the show
28:35 – Jessica’s meal prep
30:06 – What do you need to have to meal prep like a pro
31:50 – Where Jessica & Paula shop
34:45 – What they use instead of bread
37:50 – How to find them
38:37 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guests:

Healthy Eats & Cooking Techniques LLC – Jessica Hipskind, Paula Green, & Tiny Chef London:

Healthy Eats & Cooking Techniques was founded at the beginning of 2022 as a business; however, our dedication and service to support those with neurodiversities and intellectual and developmental disabilities began about 5.5 years ago due to an unexpected circumstance. On January 5th 2017, I (Jessica) received a call that my father had passed and my half-sister (who is now known as Tiny Chef) was in need of a home. That day, we packed Tiny Chef’s things and moved her to the Hipskind residence.

Tiny Chef (London) has Trisomy 21, commonly known as Down Syndrome. This was a new world for our family to navigate so we learned everything we could about the Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities and their resources, got in touch with Raising Special Kids, joined the City of Phoenix Mayor’s Commission on Disability Issues, attended events and then started volunteering for a wonderful residency here in the valley that offers supportive housing and a residential transition program for individuals with autism and for other neurodiverse populations.

Through our research and being active in volunteer work, along with our love for cooking, Paula (Jessica’s mom) and I started Healthy Eats & Cooking Techniques to expand our reach within the community.

Instagram: @healthyeatscookingtechniques
Facebook: www.facebook.com/healthyeatscookingtechniques

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