Episode 107: AZ’s Future Is Looking Bright☀️With Commercial Broker Mary Nollenberger & Relocation Specialist Gabriel Brown

Today’s Show:

Arizona’s future economy is looking bright ☀️ and our expert guests Mary Nollenberger and Gabriel Brown are joining us in the studio today to discuss why we think so!

Mary Nollenberger is a Commercial Broker & Vice President over at Orion Investment Real Estate🙌 and has spent a lot of time researching what big companies are moving to the valley, multifamily growth, and how AZ is comparing nationally with other states when it comes to economy/growth.

Gabriel Brown is the Vice President for Corporate Relocation at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices🏠 for AZ, CA, & NV properties. Gabe helps those that are moving due to their job and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to moving resources, policies, and knows what companies/industries are moving to the area.

Watch or listen🎧 to today’s episode to find out why we think Arizona’s economy will be stronger than most, what big companies are moving to the area, and why they picked our beautiful state to call home!😄 Also be sure to check out today’s show extras to see Mary’s PowerPoint and more info on Tech Companies/Jobs coming to the valley! https://www.gratefulheart.tv/2022/11/05/episode-107-show-extras/

Listen & Learn:

1:00 – Rebecca Intro’s Mary & Gabe
2:30 – Cromford Report/Index Chart
4:30 – Is there really a bubble coming?
6:05 – Listings under contract chart
8:25 – Any particular companies & areas that people are moving in from?
11:15 – Did relocation slow down during the last year or ramp up?
16:00 – Mary’s example of companies letting employees work from home
16:52 – The new opportunities coming to the valley
17:35 – What is net migration & some of the companies coming to Phx
18:23 – The new tech companies coming to AZ
19:40 – Phoenix is leading the pack in tech industries & net migration
22:00 – Multifamily growth in AZ
24:30 – Phoenix is a hub for international businesses
26:00 – AZ construction costs & flat tax
29:11 – Mary’s final thoughts
30:20 – Gabe’s final thoughts
31:20 – Rebecca’s final thoughts
31:56 – Rebecca’s video on the 13 reasons to move to AZ

Special Guests:

Mary Nollenberger – Senior Vice President at Orion Investment Real Estate:

Mary has 20+ years of extensive commercial real estate experience and represents investors in acquisition, stabilization, and disposition in the Phoenix metro market. She has won numerous awards over the years for being an influencer in the Commercial Real Estate industry.

Phone: 480-748-8266
Email: mary.nollenberger@orionprop.com
Website: http://www.orionprop.com/

Gabriel Brown – Vice President of Corporate Services & Relocation for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices AZ, CA, & NV properties:

Gabriel’s department offers real estate and relocation services for organizations and customers looking to move into the area. He has over 15+ years of experience in the mobility space.

Phone: 480-505-6298
Email: gabriel.brown@bhhsaz.com
Website: www.bhhsaz.com/buyer-relocation-services

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