Episode 110: Marry The House🏠, Date The Rate, & Divorce The Landlord with Eric Bowlby & Tara Krieg

Today’s Show:

I am sure by now you have heard the saying “marry the house & date the rate” well now add “divorce the landlord” to it!🙌 The reason being is when you pay rent you are only helping your landlord pay off their mortgage and in turn missing out on growing your own wealth, earning equity, or receiving the tax breaks you deserve!🤔

Today, there are a lot of agents and media outlets selling bad news🙅 so that is why we brought on the CEO of Amerfirst Financial Eric Bowlby & Senior Loan Officer Tara Krieg to talk about what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the housing market.🏠 Listen to our show to learn how & why interest rates go up, what programs are out there to make home-buying affordable, and why now is STILL a great time to buy a house.😄

Listen & Learn:

2:47 – Rebecca introduces Tara & Eric
5:40 – How the media twists the truth
6:00 – The funds & how they affect mortgage rates
8:55 – Longer life expectancy and housing
9:47 – Sellers can pay a veteran’s debt to qualify for the loan
10:20 – Why we could have a ton of housing inventory in the future
12:20 – Inflation 7 housing rates
14:24 – A lot of agents are selling bad news
17:28 – Rebecca’s story of a current home sale
23:50 – What is different today vs 2007/2008
29:40 – What to tell the buyers/sellers that are scared to make a move
31:50 – Eric explains rates/borrowing
32:50 – 3-2-1 Buydown explained
34:23 – How do we know rates are going down?
38:00 – Secondary market is not as liquid as it once was
41:10 – How a lender makes their money
43:47 – Why you should buy a house today
45:37 – Pent-up buyer demand

Special Guests:

Eric Bowlby – C.E.O., Owner, AmeriFirst Financial Inc.

Joined in 1998 and serves on the Board of Directors. Mr. Bowlby leads the development and execution of strategic plans and objectives relating to production opportunities. His efforts have been instrumental in assembling the core executive team of leadership that oversee the daily operations of AmeriFirst while driving the National Production management team on cultivation of business growth.

Mr. Bowlby has over 22 years of experience that began in the mortgage origination role evolving over his career as the now C.E.O and Owner of AmeriFirst.Mr. Bowlby focuses on several national multi-platform corporate growth strategies from expansion of realtor partnerships, enhanced production value-added programs, and is an industry disruptor and cultivates an environment and culture that is empowering and celebratory for those who work with him.

Mr. Bowlby is the mastermind behind the national RELO Funding program which is a progressive and innovative way to expand the loan originator and real estate agents cohesive partnership. Mr. Bowlby continues to be an innovative mind continually developing platforms that are collectively beneficial to the loan originator, agent partners, home buyers, and clients. Mr. Bowlby received his Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies from Arizona State University.

Tara Krieg – Senior Loan Officer at AmeriFirst Financial

Licensed to provide mortgages and loan programs for homeowners and buyers within Arizona, she has over 12 years’ experience in all aspects of real estate finance, real estate investing, mortgage planning, and business planning. Her specialties include loan origination, credit education, mortgage-related financial consulting and planning, and personal coaching of Junior Loan Officers.

Phone: 480-344-1951
Email: tkrieg@amerifirst.us
Website: www.tkteam.us

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