Episode 111: Health🧘, Wealth💰, & Productivity with Todd Bookspan

Today’s Show:

On today’s show, we have entrepreneur, mortgage originator, and business leader Todd Bookspan!😄 Todd has spent many years helping teams and individuals thrive when it comes to growth & productivity. Recently, he has even created a coaching program to expand on that called “Win By Noon”.🙌

Not only does Todd help coach individuals and teams but he also has his own podcast called “Your Neighborhood Real Estate Show” which Rebecca was recently interviewed on! Watch today’s show to learn more about Todd Bookspan, his coaching program “Win By Noon”, & his tips for the ‘average joe’ when it comes to growing wealth.💰

You can find the link to Rebecca’s interview with Todd along with our show notes in the ‘Show Extras’ tab on our website!

Listen & Learn:

1:56 – Rebecca intro’s Todd
4:14 – About Todd’s team & what he does
6:16 – Why Todd thinks experience matters
8:47 – Todd’s Facebook post about the sauna & cold plunge
11:50 – Todd hosts the “Women of Strength” events & what it is all about
13:25 – What is Win By Noon?
16:00 – Stats on how many real estate agents sell even 1 house a month
19:20 – Recession proof your business
26:10 – Todd’s take on the article about stocks & investing
29:08 – Are the Feds hiking rates too fast?
31:44 – Do you think we are anywhere close to where we were in 2006/2007?
32:55 – Advice for the “average joe” when it comes to building wealth
35:17 – Todd’s question of the week
36:15 – Where does Todd invest his money?
38:39 – Just because someone earns a lot doesn’t mean they are wealthy
41:01 – Todd’s advice if you are a parent listening
42:15 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guests:

Todd Bookspan – Chairman at Bookspan Baker Team at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation: Todd has 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a business leader. For the past twenty-three years, as a mortgage originator, Todd has proven successful in cultivating both teams and branch offices. Working alongside his wife Tara, Todd successfully helped grow the Arizona region of a mortgage bank from five to eighty-five employees at four branches. During his career, he and his team have funded over a billion dollars in home loans while serving almost 6,000 families. Now he has designed the Win By Noon Planner as a tool to help increase productivity.

On the personal side… a proud father of three daughters, loves to run and hike with his wife Tara, and is very passionate about helping others build wealth and be more productive!

Phone: 602-522-9494
Email: todd.bookspan@fairwaymc.com
Website: https://www.bookspanbaker.com & https://winbynoon.com/

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