Episode 113: Solving The Affordable Living Crisis🏠 With Jim Edmonds & PAL Kaua’i🌺

Today’s Show:

Meet Jim Edmonds and his team over at PAL Kaua’i!🌺 Jim moved to Kaua’i back in 1985 and started his journey as a Real Estate Broker. Jim was not your average Broker though, he has always had a passion to help the island locals and work to solve the affordable living crisis. Today affordable living is no longer a crisis but as Jim puts it “it’s a gradual tragedy”. Locals are being priced out of their homes, living on the streets, and some have tragically committed suicide due to these issues.

Jim’s goal with starting PAL Kaua’i is to create PERMANENT affordable living, especially for the locals who have called this island home for so many years. Getting this organization started has been no easy feat and on today’s show, you will learn of some of the trials Jim & his team had to go through to get this project off the ground. However today, PAL Kaua’i has 4 housing projects🏠 on Kaua’i and plans for many more!

Watch today’s show to learn all about PAL Kaua’i, how they started, raised funds, where they are headed, and how you can help!😄

Listen & Learn:

1:33 – Rebecca intros Jim
4:30 – Recognizing the problem of affordable housing
7:29 – The history of PAL & what PAL stands for
12:00 – What Jim’s first housing development looked like
15:30 – The Rebecca song story
18:55 – The trials of getting your first project off the ground
25:26 – Funding & qualifying for Jim’s community
29:49 – What is an apartment deed
35:10 – Jim’s construction company in Kaua’i & pictures of his 1st project
40:17 – The KauHale O Kekaha affordable housing project
43:00 – How Jim finally got financing for his projects
48:30 – The PAL Kaua’i team
50:00 – The Hoku Health Food building and Jim’s plans for it
55:40 – What is KAHA?
1:00:17 – Charts on the number of homes sold in the U.S. & share of homes purchased by investors
1:03:00 – Total number of people experiencing homelessness
1:06:30 – The full team of PAL now & board members
1:10:10 – The Good Neighbor Award 2022 & Realtor Magazine
1:13:40 – How you can help PAL
1:17:10 – Jim’s final thoughts
1:18:43 – NAR’s Good Neighbor Award video of Jim & PAL

Special Guests:

Jim Edmonds – Executive Director & Founder of PAL Kaua’i:
Jim and Harvest Edmonds  first came to Kaua’i from Oahu in 1985.  Here, they raised three sons (whom all call Kaua’i home) and started several businesses.  In 1988,  Jim got his Real Estate license and soon founded Emerald Isle Properties on Kilauea Lighthouse Road, where it resides today. Jim’s experience includes completing more than 25 subdivisions, CPR’s and projects, personally and for clients.  Jim’s belief in the need for Truly Affordable Housing and services for residents of Kaua’i has lead him to form Permanently Affordable Living Kaua’i with a dedicated team of staff and board members.  He has a history of  advocacy for innovative and sustainable approaches to affordable housing on Kaua’i and as Board President has committed 100% of his time and energy to the success of its mission for years.  Jim’s drive to make a difference for the residents of Kaua’i is the force behind Permanently Affordable Living Kaua’i. Jim brings knowledge, experience, energy, and True Aloha as President of the Board of Directors and guiding light of Permanently Affordable Living Kaua’i.

Phone: (808) 720-1011
Email: info@pal-kauai.org
Website: https://www.pal-kauai.org/

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