Episode 116: Higher Guidance🙏& Harmonic Eggs🥚with Jean Hanson of Realign Your Life Wellness Center

Today’s Show:

Have you ever heard of a Harmonic Egg or Quantum Touch Healing?🤔 These healing modalities can aid in curing physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.🙏 On today’s show, we have Jean Hason co-owner of Realign Your Life Wellness Center right here in Mesa, Arizona that has both of those healing services and more!

A Hamonic Egg🥚 is an advanced type of energy therapy that uses sound & light to heal all kinds of ailments. Jean & her husband Steve found the healing properties of the Harmonic egg so incredible that they had to share it with others. We even tried it for ourselves and can testify to its incredible healing properties!🙌 Jean explains exactly how this works and some of the other therapy treatments she offers on today’s show!

Also, be sure to check out Jean’s book📖 Trust Your Higher Guidance: Align Your Life to Manifest the Joy and Success You Deserve!

Listen & Learn:

1:05 – Rebecca intros Jean
2:50 – Cliff notes on Jean’s book Trust Your Higher Guidance
6:45 – Jean & Steve’s previous careers prior to moving to AZ
7:49 – Rebecca’s experience in the Harmonic Egg
10:20 – How sound & light therapy works
12:48 – Books on the Harmonic Egg that Jean & Steve sell
16:12 – The pendulums Jean uses and sells at the center
17:39 – Why it’s important to drink electrolytes after your egg experience
21:28 – Jean reads messages from Rebecca’s guides
27:38 – Rebecca’s testimonial for Jean & her healing services
29:05 – What is Quantum-Touch healing?
30:50 – Why Steve & Jean make a perfect healing team
32:20 – Harmonic Egg promo & pricing
33:05 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guests:

Jean Hanson – Body Code Energy Healer, Higher Guidance Life Coach, & Author: Jean & Steve Hanson have been partners in life and partners in business since 1987 – the year they got married. In 2019 they started planning a major change. It was time to leave behind the life they’d been living. They’d already started positioning their business for sale, and their Spiritual journey was guiding them to use their intuitive gifts to help others realign their lives. In early 2020 they discovered the Harmonic Egg. Like many other Harmonic Egg owners, they knew almost immediately that this was what they were meant to do. By 2021 the Hansons opened Realign Your Life Wellness Center in Mesa, AZ. Steve is a Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Certified Sound Healer. Jean also wrote a book called Trust Your Higher Guidance: Align Your Life to Manifest the Joy and Success You Deserve!

Website: https://www.RealignYourLifeAZ.com
Phone: (480) 613 9137
Email: customercare@realignyourlifeaz.com

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