Episode 121: Unleashing Your Creative Power With Steph Levine

Today’s Show:

Our newest episode is sure to excite and inspire you!😄 We have an amazing guest, Steph Levine, who is a Visual Business & Life Coach, Artist, Real Estate Consultant, and Founder of MasterPeace Embodiment Retreats.☮️ Join us as we dive deep into the inspiring and creative way Steph helps her clients build their businesses, lives, and relationships. You’ll walk away with newfound motivation and clarity on how to create the life and career you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t miss this inspiring episode as Steph shares her wisdom on how to become the best, most successful version of yourself.💖

Listen & Learn:

1:10 – Rebecca intros Steph Levine
2:45 – What Steph does at the Women of Strength events
4:08 – Steph’s intuitive painting
5:22 – What is a visual coach & how to get certified as one
8:10 – MasterPeace coaching & consulting
10:30 – What is Qoya
12:00 – How Steph makes people feel comfortable in her sessions
17:22 – Slide show of Steph’s MasterPeace Retreats
20:30 – Steph walks through what she does at MasterPeace Retreats
25:57 – Steph’s social media pages & website
27:17 – Rebecca’s experience with Steph
30:35 – Steph’s next MasterPeace Retreat in March
32:10 – What is graphic recording/facilitation
33:30 – Steph’s nonprofit
36:00 – Steph’s final thoughts
38:07 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guests:

Steph Levine – Visual Business & Life Coach, Artist, Professional Real Estate Consultant, and Founder/Creator of MasterPeace Embodiment Retreats: Steph was born and raised in Long Island, New York. She holds a BA in Special Education from ASU and an active Arizona Real Estate License and has resided in the valley since 1982.

With her expertise in Education and Real Estate, as well as a deep passion for Art, she became certified as a Visual Business/Life Coach where she literally brings forth and draws her clients’ dreams. She is relentless about practicing and coaching others into creating a “MasterPeace” of their life and choosing to be the master of one’s inner peace.

Steph is a Visual Business & Life Coach, Artist, Professional Real Estate Consultant, and Founder and Creator of MasterPeace Embodiment Retreats.

As an artist, Steph uses her intuition, feelings, and desire to heal and love by creating pieces that influence “MasterPeace”.

Website: https://www.stephlevine.love/
Email: stephmartini63@gmail.com

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