Episode 130: Giving a Hand-Up🙌 Instead of a Hand-Out with Jason Barlow CEO of Habitat 4 Humanity AZ

Today’s Show:

Join us for our newest episode with our Host Rebecca Rains and our Co-host for the day Tara Krieg😄 as they interview Jason Barlow, the CEO of Habitat for Humanity Central AZ. Jason will explain how Habitat for Humanity provides a “hand-up, not just a hand-out” for families in need of housing.🏡 Hear stories about some of the unique homes Habitat has built in Arizona, including their first 3D-printed home in the state! Learn about all of the programs Habitat offers, including their repair program🛠️, deconstruction program, and programs specifically designed to help seniors and veterans.🙌 Finally, get a glimpse into the Habitat stores throughout Arizona, where the proceeds from furniture and appliance sales help fund the construction of new homes. Tune in to hear all about the amazing work that Habitat for Humanity Central AZ is doing and how you can help!
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Listen & Learn:

1:38 – Rebecca intros Jason & Tara
2:35 – Habitat for Humanity’s repair program
8:05 – how to get signed up to volunteer with Habitat
9:05 – The Habitat retail stores “Restore”
11:00 – Habitat’s Deconstruction program
17:10 – What does Habitat for Humanity do for the community?
19:45 – Requirements to be part of the Habitat housing program
20:58 – How Habitat uses sweat equity and average monthly home payments
23:45 – Where to apply and see if you qualify for Habitat’s housing program
25:07 – Habitat’s first 3D printed home in AZ
29:27 – A Habitat House is a quality house
30:48 – Habitat does repairs for seniors
35:15 – New AZ Habitat license plate
36:22 – Jason’s final thoughts
37:30 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guests:

Jason Barlow – President & CEO of Habitat for Humanity Central AZ

Prior to moving to Arizona, Jason was an executive with St. Francis Hospital and Health Centers for nine years. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the USAF and was a flying squadron commander and U-2 reconnaissance pilot. He was Director of Operations for a for-profit telecommunications company and a Screening Manager for the US Department of Homeland Security, shortly after the terrorist attack of 9-11-01. An Eagle Scout, he is a past Council and Area President for the Boy Scouts of America and served on the boards of the YMCA, County Economic Development Board and was President of four community associations. Jason and his wife, Dr. Jane Barlow, live in Scottsdale and enjoy traveling, golfing, riding bikes, cooking and hiking.

Phone: 602.268.9022
Email: info@habitatcaz.org
Website: https://habitatcaz.org/

Tara Krieg – Branch Manager & Senior Loan Officer of TK Team Lending

Licensed to provide mortgages and loan programs for homeowners and buyers within Arizona, she has over 12 years’ experience in all aspects of real estate finance, real estate investing, mortgage planning, and business planning. Her specialties include loan origination, credit education, mortgage-related financial consulting and planning, and personal coaching of Junior Loan Officers.

Phone: 480-344-1951
Email: tkrieg@amerifirst.us
Website: www.tkteam.us

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