Episode 147: Taking The Lead In Energy Efficiency – Daran Watschak’s Mission With Learning Edge LLC

Today’s Show:

Get ready to learn the secrets🤫 to creating a truly energy-efficient home with our latest podcast episode featuring Daran Watschak, President of Learning Edge, LLC. Daran will blow you away🤯 with his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of residential energy efficiency training and building science consulting. Discover the true meaning of net zero⚡ and the zero energy ready program, and find out more about Daran’s upcoming class in December and his favorite energy-efficient home builders. Tune in and discover why consumers should care about energy-efficient homes and Daran’s insider tips on building the best energy-efficient home without breaking the bank.💰 Plus, learn about the latest changes in federal heating and cooling requirements and find out why certain energy-efficient products aren’t being used in the mainstream building industry.🏗️ As a bonus, Daran shares his passion for a charity close to his heart and reveals his recommended classes for those looking to expand their knowledge in the field. So if you’re ready to build a home that stands the test of time, join us for an enlightening conversation with Daran Watschak.🙌

Listen & Learn:
1:54 – Rebecca intros Daran Wastchak
4:06 – Daran’s background & experience
6:20 – What is net zero & the zero energy ready program?
8:03 – Daran’s class coming up in December
10:17 – Daran’s favorite energy-efficient home builders
12:00 – Why should a consumer care about an energy-efficient home?
17:28 – Daran’s opinion on how to build the best energy-efficient home with the least amount of money
21:18 – Daran’s tip on Aragon gas windows and why they are not worth it here in AZ
22:55 – The federal government’s changes on heating and cooling requirements
25:55 – What are your options besides building a home with wood
28:25 – Why SIPs were popular back in 2008-2009
30:02 – Why aren’t all these energy-efficient products being used in mainstream home building?
34:09 – Daran’s charity that he is passionate about
37:02 – Where to find all of Daran’s classes and website
38:10 – Daran’s favorite and most recommended classes
39:22 – If Daran was going to build a home tomorrow that would last for many many years what would he use?
41:18 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guest:

Daran Wastchak – President of Learning Edge, LLC: Learning Edge, LLC is a firm that specializes in residential energy efficiency training and building science consulting. Daran was a key implementer of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR for Homes program for more than 20 years. He has helped solve warranty issues for hundreds of homes that did not properly heat or cool, had high utility bills, poor indoor air quality, and/or were uncomfortable. Daran has trained thousands of individuals on the basics of building science, energy efficiency for buildings, energy efficiency programs, and international energy conservation codes. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Construction and master’s and doctoral degrees in Public Administration and Policy from Arizona State University.

Website: https://LearningEdgeLLC.com
Phone: (602) 288-6774
Email: support@learningedgellc.com

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