Episode 153: The Must-Dos for Home Energy Efficiency with Daran Wastchak

Today’s Show:

In our latest episode, our host Rebecca sits down with special guest Daran Wastchak, President of Learning Edge, LLC.💡 Daran is an expert in residential energy efficiency and this is not the first time Daran has joined us on the show – in fact, he was a guest on episode 147!😄 So if you want to learn more about his background and expertise, be sure to check it out.

In this informative discussion, Daran shares insights and updates on his upcoming master classes, as well as his personal project of rebuilding🏗️ his own house from the ground up.⬆️ We dive into the history of building materials and how the use of wood and insulation became more common than traditional block structures.🧱 

Daran also explains why he recommends SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) for building homes and how they can actually be more affordable than traditional builds. We also discuss the importance of proper window installation for energy efficiency and insulated slabs in homes.🙌

Join us as we delve into the new developments in HVAC technology and the reasons behind the recent ban on gas cooking in California.🤔 And find out why it is SO important to vote in the upcoming SRP board member elections as well as our final thoughts on the number one thing you can do to make your home more energy efficient in Arizona.💡☀️Don‘t miss this jam-packed episode!

Daran’s Upcoming Master Classes: https://www.learningedgellc.com/schedule

VOTE: https://www.srpnet.com/about/governance-leadership/elections/early-voting-ballot-request-form

Listen & Learn:
1:09 – Rebecca intros Daran & his last episode
2:08 – Daran’s upcoming master classes
3:25 – Daran’s plans to rebuild his house
4:00 – Why we use to build everything out of block back in the day
6:40 – The series of events that lead to homes being built with wood/insulation vs block
8:05 – Why Daran is completely rebuilding his house from the dirt up
9:40 – Why Daran recommends SIPs for building homes
11:12 – How are SIPs houses are more affordable than traditional built homes
18:00 – Why SIPs are easier to install during construction
18:50 – Why having windows (and the right type) installed properly is such a huge deal for energy efficiency
21:30 – Insulated slabs and their purpose
24:32 – What is changing with HVAC units
26:50 – California is putting a ban on gas cooking and why
28:40 – Daran’s thoughts on solar and electric vehicles
30:50 – Why it is so important to vote for your SRP board member
31:50 – Mini Splits aka Variable Capacity Heat Pumps and why Daran is using one on his new home
32:45 – Daran’s upcoming Master Class session
34:36 – The number one thing you can add to your home in AZ to make it more energy efficient
35:10 – Home performance with energy star to have your home evaluated
36:59 – The $1500 yearly tax credit for homeowners that improve the energy efficiency of their home
38:38 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guest:

Daran Wastchak – President of Learning Edge, LLC: Learning Edge, LLC is a firm that specializes in residential energy efficiency training and building science consulting. Daran was a key implementer of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR for Homes program for more than 20 years. He has helped solve warranty issues for hundreds of homes that did not properly heat or cool, had high utility bills, poor indoor air quality, and/or were uncomfortable. Daran has trained thousands of individuals on the basics of building science, energy efficiency for buildings, energy efficiency programs, and international energy conservation codes. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Construction and master’s and doctoral degrees in Public Administration and Policy from Arizona State University.

Website: https://LearningEdgeLLC.com
Phone: (602) 288-6774
Email: support@learningedgellc.com

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