Episode 90: How To Avoid Capital Gains Tax 🙅 With A 1031 Exchange

Today’s Show: If you recently bought a home🏠 and are thinking of moving before your two years then you NEED to watch this episode! Today we have expert Rick Wittstock in studio to educate us on 1031 Exchanges and Capital Gains Tax. 😬1031 Exchanges are one of the biggest kept secrets in real estate investing. […]

Episode 89: Homeownership🏠 As A Hedge Against Inflation

Today’s Show: We are back with our 3 sponsors 😄 and expert guests Joe smith of Epic Mortgage, Tara Krieg of AmeriFirst Financial, and Anthony Penna of Navi Title. With interest rates rising📈, investors flooding the housing market, and the horrible conflict going on in Ukraine we needed to come back and discuss the impact […]

Episode 88: The Secrets To Becoming Intuitive With Cody Edner

Today’s Show: Cody Edner is an intuitive reader, healer, and medium with 35+ years of experience! At the young age of 14, Cody had his own spiritual awakening one day when his Aunt persuaded him into getting an energy reading. Since then, Cody began to study meditation and metaphysics deeply. Even today, he continues to explore, […]

Episode 86: Your Network Is Your Net-Worth with Lane Kawaoke

Today’s Show: Today we have Lane Kawaoka owner of CrowdfundAloha.com, SimplePassiveCashflow.com, and ReiAloha.com. Not only is Lane the owner of these 3 amazing companies but Lane also owns 8000+ rental units🏠 and is the leader of “Hui Deal Pipeline Club” which has acquired over $1B+ dollars of real estate! 😲 Working as a high-paid professional […]

Episode 85: The Good News 📰 (And Bad) Of Commercial Real Estate & Business

Today’s Show: Today we have the one and only Mary Nollenberger, Senior Vice President at Orion Investment Real Estate! Mary has been working in commercial real estate for over 20 years and has won numerous awards for her outstanding performance. Mary knows her stuff when it comes to helping businesses find the absolute best location […]

Episode 84: Clear Your Mind, Clean Your Body, & Lift Your Spirit🙏

Today’s Show: Today on our show we have the remarkable Cori Roberts!🙌 Cori is a Quantum Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Detox Specialist, and so much MORE! Cori has been on our show in the past to share with us her Hypnotherapy skills and to talk about how she helped stage 4 cancer patients shrink their […]

Episode 83: In This World Nothing Is Certain Except Death & Taxes

Today’s Show: Did you know if you own more than $100,000 of equity in real estate or more than $75,000 of personal property and you pass away your loved ones now have to go to probate court to get what is rightfully theirs? This process can be extremely difficult, stressful, and could cost your loved […]

Episode 82: Will 2022 Be As Crazy As 2021?🤔

Today’s Show: Happy 2022!!🎉 We are kicking the 1st episode of the year off with our 3 AMAZING sponsors and expert guests Joe smith of Epic Mortgage, Tara Krieg of AmeriFirst Financial, and Anthony Penna of Navi Title. With this panel of guests, how could we not talk about the market and interest rates?? On […]

Episode 81: Meet Frank – The Disruptor In The Construction 🚧 World 🌎

Today’s Show: Today we have the CEO Anna Cheniuntai of Apis Cor, a leader in the 3D Printing world, in-studio to discuss all things 3D Printing including Frank, the robot who can 3D print an entire house in a matter of 40 hours! Anna will cover how exactly they are printing these homes and what […]