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Time To Get Off The Fence! 🙌

Today’s Show: Is there something keeping you on the fence of buying or selling your home? Today we have our favorite Mortgage Broker Joe Smith with Epic Mortgage in studio to go over the current market conditions. We will be talking about Today’s mortgage rates, supply, and what this could mean for the future. Definitely […]

How To Avoid Stepping In 💩 “It” with Attorney Aaron Green

Today’s Show: Today’s show is a good one! We have our favorite Mortgage Broker Joe Smith with Epic Mortgage and the one and only Aaron Green Attorney at Law in studio. We will be talking about legal issues Aaron has seen in the current Real Estate Market. Covering questions like, “Is there a way to back […]

The Unknown & Unlimited Potential 🌟

Today’s Show: On today’s show we have our FAVORITE Commercial Real Estate Broker Mary Nollenberger and the Amazing Brandie Heredia Owner of Unmarked Beauty & Wellness. These beautiful ladies are with us today to talk about businesses that have thrived during Covid and how, as Mary puts it, “stepping into the unknown leads to unlimited […]

Who’s Missed Going To The Movies??🎬🍿

Today’s Show: On today’s show we have the lovely Mary Nollenberger with Orion Investment Real Estate and the one and only Craig Paschich with Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. We will be talking about how Covid has affected certain businesses and get some first hand knowledge of what that looks like. Craig also shares with us some […]

Why NOT To Wait Till It’s A Buyers Market!🏡

Today’s Show: On this week’s show we have Tara Krieg from Amerifirst Financial with us to go over the current real estate market and why you should not wait till it’s a “Buyers Market” to buy! Seller Markets have their advantages for both the Buyers & Sellers. Tune-in to find out exactly what those advantages […]

2020 Tax Season Is Here! 😬

Today’s Show: We have tax expert Randy Detherage and Senior Loan Officer Tara Krieg in studio talking about everything you need to know before doing your taxes this year! We will cover any tax changes for this year and what we predict will happen for taxes 2021. Randy Detherage is our go to guy when […]

Self Care Is Non-Negotiable🙅‍♀️

Today’s Show: We have the one and only Dr. Andrea Purcell! She will be going over why self-care is SO important and what we can do to make it a priority. Dr. Purcell prides herself on being a Dr. who listens! She is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who has been in private practice for over […]

Fitness & Self-Care During This Pandemic

Today’s Show: Famisha La’Pree J-Millman is a Master Personal Trainer/TV Fitness Expert/Life Changer and Owner of Glisten Girls Fitness. She has been a Certified Master Personal Trainer for over 20 years and holds 27+ nationally recognized credentials in fitness! A lot of us have been trapped at home over this last year or stuck behind […]

What’s Important To You?

Today’s Show: This past year was one for the records, here’s some great market insight you may be interested in learning about where we are going in 2021 and why. As I said in my video, this past year I had some GREAT guests on my show like Dr. Purcell and I’d love to bring you more of […]

God Given Success In Both Business & Personal Life

Today’s Show: Is very special because not only is it our 1 year anniversary but we also have the one and only Shannon Gillette with us in studio! Shannon is one of Arizona’s leading residential real estate professionals, with more than 15 years of experience and many awards to prove it. Not only does Shannon […]