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Today’s Show: Is all about this CRAZY market we are in! We have Senior Loan Officer Tara Krieg, in studio & Appraisal Expert Jay Joseph here to share their insight on why they believe the market is so HOT right now! We will also be sharing some some live case studies of our own from […]

It’s Not All About The Money 💵

Today’s Show: On Today’s show we have the INSPIRING Veronica Barragan aka Joti Radjeep Kaur! Veronica is the owner of Satori Wellness & #SovereignWoman Academy. Before her journey into Healing & Spirituality, Veronica used to work as a Real Estate Broker & Business Coach. Veronica left her lucrative business in the Real Estate field to […]

“What are you waiting for?” Don’t let Uncertainty and Fear get in your way to success!🙌

Today’s Show: On Today’s show we have Joe Smith  & Anthony Penna in studio to address some of the FEARS people have about today’s market! Like Anthony said “Headlines do more to TERRIFY than to CLARIFY date” so forget the headlines and tune-in! #stockmarket #presidentialelection #forclosures #forbearance #unemploymentcomparison #homesales #housingmarket #uncertainty #cromfordreport Special Guests: Joe […]

🌻Flower To The People: Everything You Need To Know About AZ Prop 207

Today’s Show: Ryan Hurley is the General Counsel for Copperstate Farms in Snowflake, AZ. Ryan is in studio to explain why he’s passionate about ending the cannabis prohibition and what exactly Prop 207 means for Arizona! Another organization close to Ryan’s heart is The Last Prisoner Project. With over 40,000 prisoners in jail for cannabis […]

Denise Is The Epitome Of Success In Business

Today’s Show: Denise McCreery and her family are HUGE supporters of local businesses and started d’Vine Gourmet in 2003 because of this. It all started when she turned wine into jelly and sold out at their local farmers market. Since then they have expanded and produce a variety of local & award winning jams, mustards, […]

The Best Show Ever!

Special Guests: Cori Roberts – Mind Body Specialist: Today’s show is with the AMAZING Mind Body Specialist Cori Roberts! Cori is trained in Hydrotherapy, Hypnotherapy, and much more. She will be talking about all the different therapies she does and how she helps those with stage 4 cancer! Follow us on Facebook @GratefulHeart.Tv to watch […]

Did Covid Possibly Mess Up Your Credit??

Today’s Show: Did Covid possibly mess up your CREDIT? If so, this is NOT a show you’re going to want to miss! We have Dawn McCraw from Price Law Group & Tara Krieg from the TK Team at AmeriFirst Financial to share their knowledge on credit & what to do if it’s been affected. Both […]

Insider Knowledge On Purchasing From A New Home Builder 🏡

Today’s Show: Today’s show is an interview I recently did with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Mark Stark! 😄 On the show I share INSIDER knowledge on purchasing from a new home builder. 🏠 Definitely one you won’t want to miss if you’re thinking of buying a new build or recently purchased one! Special Guests: Mark Stark- […]

Truth On Solar ☀️

Today’s Show: Everything you need to know about solar panels! We have our Solar Expert Taylor Russell, VP of Kayo Energy. We also have Joe Smith from Epic Mortgages, Owner Rob Sell from Sell Home Inspections, & Jay Joseph from Josephs Appraisal Group, to chime with their knowledge of Solar Energy. You won’t want to miss! **Special […]