Episode 138 – Show Extras: Tara’s Three Rules, Anthony Penna’s PowerPoint, Rebecca’s Stats, & More!

If you’re looking for assumable VA loans, there are different ways to find them. Home sellers may advertise their assumable homes in newspapers or local real estate publications. Additionally, there are online resources such asĀ TakeList.com and Zumption.com that allow homeowners to showcase their properties to potential buyers. Real estate agents (Rebecca Rains), who have access […]

Episode 131: Show Extras

Check out Rebecca’s full PowerPoint presentation below: Our Crypto Vocab Cheat Sheet: Download your copy here: Crypto Vocab & Web 3 Follow us on Facebook or Instagram @GratefulHeart.TvšŸ’– ListenšŸŽ§, RatešŸŒŸ, & Subscribe on Spotify & Apple Podcasts

Episode 130: Show Extras

Check out all the photos from today’s show that Jason was kind enough to share with us and follow this link to learn more about all the programs Habitat has! https://habitatcaz.org/

Episode 129: Show Extras

Check out Anthony’s PowerPoint and all of Rebecca’s market stats she shared on the show below!   Link to the full episode with Barry Habib that Rebecca shared a clip of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m1XU6LHjLk&t=3856s   Anthony’s PowerPoint:Ā 

Episode 120: Show Extras

Click on the image below to view Kathryn’s full PowerPoint presentations from Episode 120!   Be sure to check out Gary’s DropBox link to view his photos, maps, articles, & more exclusive content only found here! https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/hre2898pyekff6r9o3w31/h?dl=0&rlkey=q524chbjmh6kri38uq2v344l8

Episode 115: Show Extras & Exclusive Offering

Click the link for your exclusive offering from Jeannine & Hillary. www.sistersofthesacredrose.com HEALING CELLULAR MEMORY OF TRAUMAĀ  ANCESTRAL HEALING WITH USE OF PLANT MEDICINEĀ  SACRED UNIONĀ  Video of Jeannine & Hillary’s Temple – 1 Video of Jeannine & Hillary’s Temple – 2

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