Episode 138 – Show Extras: Tara’s Three Rules, Anthony Penna’s PowerPoint, Rebecca’s Stats, & More!

If you’re looking for assumable VA loans, there are different ways to find them. Home sellers may advertise their assumable homes in newspapers or local real estate publications. Additionally, there are online resources such as TakeList.com and Zumption.com that allow homeowners to showcase their properties to potential buyers. Real estate agents (Rebecca Rains), who have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), can also assist in finding assumable VA loans. So, whether you search online or offline, there are different options available for home buyers looking for assumable VA loans.

Also, click here to view Tara’s Powerpoint on Smart Financial Moves Converting a Home to a Rental Property and Purchasing a New Primary Residence

You Can Find Anthony’s PowerPoint from the show below

Want your own copy? Click here to download

Check out Rebecca’s chart from the show below!

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