Episode 157: Revolutionizing Real Estate, Crypto, AI, & More with Propy CEO Natalia Karayaneva


Today’s Show:

Join us for the latest episode of Grateful Heart as we sit down with Natalia Karayaneva, the visionary founder and CEO of Propy. This Silicon Valley company is on the forefront of revolutionizing the home purchasing process through smart contracts and AI technology.🏠 With an impressive background as an award-winning real estate developer and software engineer, Natalia is a true pioneer in the world of blockchain technology and real estate.
During our conversation, we dive into the recent news of Propy’s partnership with Coinbase and its impact on the future of real estate transactions.🎉 Natalia talks about her vision for Propy and the importance of putting deeds on the blockchain. They also touch on the topic of the metaverse and how one day soon you will be able to tour all home listings virtually.
Rebecca shares her experience at the recent Propy conference in Miami, where Natalia was joined by other big names in the industry who support Propy and their mission. Natalia then goes on to share her inspiring journey as a woman in the tech industry and why she believes in the power of cryptocurrency.🪙 Plus, she gives valuable advice for beginners looking to get started in crypto and the signs to look for when it comes to timing your investments. Don’t miss this insightful and inspiring conversation with CEO Natalia Karayaneva.🙌

Listen & Learn:

1:20 – Rebecca intros Natalia Karayaneva CEO of Propy
2:45 – What happened to Propy on March 13th
4:15 – You can now mint your home address
5:15 – Our first episode with Propy (check out episode 99)
6:11 – Natalia’s Instagram story about her vision for Propy
7:55 – Why Natalia likes and recommends Coinbase
10:15 – Why should you put your house deed on the blockchain?
12:25 – The future of real estate and the metaverse
17:27 – Rebecca talks about the Propy conference in Miami and the big names that support Propy
20:28 – Natalia’s journey with getting to where she is today especially as a woman in the industry
22:47 – What signs did Natalia see that prompted her to buy more crypto
25:25 – Natalia’s thoughts on bitcoin dropping
26:25 – Natalia’s final thoughts and how to get started in Crypto
28:47 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guests:

Natalia Karayaneva Founder/CEO of Propy, Inc:

Natalia Karayaneva is the founder and CEO of Propy, WEF pioneer, – a Silicon Valley company revolutionizing home purchasing via smart contracts and AI. She is an award-winning real estate developer, software engineer, and a serial entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in real estate and cryptography. Natalia is a frequent speaker at web3 and proptech events globally. She is a contributor to Forbes. Natalia has a degree in Computer Engineering, and a degree in Sustainable Urban Development from the University of Oxford.

As a real estate professional for 15 years, Natalia was frustrated with how time-consuming and rife with fraud real estate transactions were. Propy was built with the vision to automate the real estate sales process. Propy’s Transaction Management Platform is an all-in-one solution that revamps the purchase process by leveraging the latest in groupware and blockchain technology. The Palo Alto-based company is writing new pages in real estate history by introducing the technology to allow entirely online and self-driving real estate transactions on smart contracts.

Website: https://propy.com/home
Email: support@propy.com

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