Special Feature: Off Market Podcast – Rebecca Hidalgo, The #1 Latina Agent in Arizona & The 1st Fully Crypto & Metaverse Certified Team

Today’s Show:

In today’s episode, our host Rebecca Rains finds herself in the hot seat for once! Rebecca, known as the #1 Latina Agent in Arizona and the 1st fully crypto & metaverse certified team in the real estate industry, has always been a trailblazer. In this episode, she sits down with Austin Beveridge of Off Market Podcast to share her incredible story.

Rebecca’s journey in real estate began in the 90s when HUD and VA Repo homes were in high demand. She made a name for herself by successfully navigating through the ‘07 mortgage crisis and transitioning to foreclosures and short sales. Fast forward to today, with the rise of cryptocurrency, Rebecca once again made waves as the first fully crypto & metaverse certified real estate team.

Join us as we dive into the mindset and determination that has led to Rebecca’s record-setting success. From her early beginnings to becoming a pioneer in the industry, Rebecca’s story is one of resilience, passion, and gratitude. Tune in to Off Market Podcast by Goliath Data to hear her inspiring journey.

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Listen & Learn:

0:35 – Austin intros Rebecca
1:25 – How Rebecca went from a real estate agent to running her own successful Brokerage today
3:39 – How Rebecca managed to be successful in 2008-2013 due to short sales
5:03 – What the process was for Rebecca building her team and how she scaled her operation
6:57 – Why your DISC profile is so important
9:32 – Rebecca talks more about her podcast Grateful Heart & how she got started
12:30 – How Integrity All Stars became the 1st fully crypto certified real estate team in the country
16:25 – How crypto transactions differ from a traditional real estate transaction
18:51 – Rebecca talks about some mistakes she has made and learned from over the years
23:02 – If Rebecca was to go back and start all over again what tips/advice would she give herself
26:30 – Advice for when you go to interview as a new real estate agent

Today’s Hosts:

Austin Beveridge – Co-founder of GoliathData & Host of The Off Market Podcast

The stories of top 1% real estate professionals: The Off-Market podcast features the stories of the top 1% of realtors, wholesalers, investors, and brokers in the US. We delve into how they got into real estate, what they do today, what it took to become a top producer in their area. Listeners walk away with practical tips for improving their day-day operations and strategies for closing more properties.

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