Episode 156: Groundwater Awareness Week with Gary Hix

Today’s Show:

Join our host Rebecca Rains and Gary Hix, a certified well driller and pump installer, registered professional geologist, and certified real estate instructor, as they discuss the importance of National Groundwater Awareness Week.💧🙌

With the misperceptions surrounding Arizona’s water situation, it is crucial to educate ourselves and raise awareness about the importance of groundwater. During this episode, Gary shares fascinating insights and data about the Earth’s water and the significant impact of using 27 trillion gallons of groundwater in the US each year.😧

They also delve into where Arizona’s water supply comes from and how it is used, including the state’s water right laws and the Reasonable Use Law. In addition, Gary sheds light on the process of drilling private wells and the concept of county islands in real estate.🏠

Gary’s extensive expertise in the field of water wells and groundwater is evident as he discusses the role of a well manager and emphasizes the importance of having licensed and professional well inspectors. He also offers helpful resources such as his E-books📚 for those interested in learning more on these subjects. (Check out our Show Extras tab for the link to his books)

The conversation takes an interesting turn as Rebecca shares her personal experience navigating the challenges of finding water in Northern Arizona.🌲 Don’t miss this insightful episode where Gary and Rebecca bring attention to the vital role of groundwater and the need for proper management and conservation.

Listen & Learn:

0:48 – Rebecca intros Gary Hix
1:56 – Groundwater Awareness Week
3:13 – The misperception of Arizona’s water situation
4:30 – Amount of households that have their own wells
5:30 – Why Rebecca reached out to Gary in the first place
7:45 – What the National Association of Groundwater represents
12:03 – Gary’s slides on Earth’s water
13:35 – 27 trillion gallons of groundwater is used in the
U.S. each year
14:10 – Where Arizona’s water supply comes from
16:25 – How Arizona’s water is used & our water right laws
17:50 – Reasonable Use Law
24:48 – If a homeowner wants to drill a private well can they?
26:10 – What is a county island in regard to real estate
27:56 – Gary’s books on water wells and groundwater
29:45 – What is a well manager & what does it mean to have a shared water well?
32:50 – Where can you get Gary’s E-books?
34:00 – Why Gary is advocating for professional and licensed well inspectors
35:30 – Rebecca’s story about the difficulties of finding water up north

Special Guests:

Gary Hix – Certified Well Driller and Pump Installer, Registered Professional Geologist, & Certifed Real Estate Instructor:

Gary Hix has worked in the groundwater industry for over 40 years. He is the owner of In2Wells and now spends his time in Arizona, occasionally consulting to private well owners, lawyers, realtors and well drilling pump installing businesses. For many years Gary was actively involved with the National Groundwater Association, where he was a Contributing Editor to their Water Well Journal magazine, a frequent workshop instructor and nominated as the Groundwater Foundations’ McEllhiney Distinguished Lecturer for 2019.

His years of experience in many different areas surrounding water wells, well drilling, pump installing, real estate transactions of properties with wells, shared water wells, construction defects and environmental issues has prepared him for him to provide expert witness services when needed.

His full Resume’ can be found by clicking here

Email: gary.hix@cox.net

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