Today’s Show:

Is all about this CRAZY market we are in! We have Senior Loan Officer Tara Krieg, in studio & Appraisal Expert Jay Joseph here to share their insight on why they believe the market is so HOT right now! We will also be sharing some some live case studies of our own from this weekend! #HousingMarketUpdates #housingmarket2020 #mortgagerates #historicallylowrates #homeappraisal #AmericaFirst #JAGapprasials #gratefulheart #IntegrityAllStars #berkshirehathaway

Special Guests:

Tara Krieg- Senior Loan Officer at Amerifirst Financial

Phone: 480-344-1951 Email: Website:

Jay Joseph – Owner of Josephs Appraisal Group & JAG Educational Systems: 

Phone: 602-955-4050 Email: Website:


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