Episode 46: Fitness & Self-Care During This Pandemic

Today’s Show:

Famisha La’Pree J-Millman is a Master Personal Trainer/TV Fitness Expert/Life Changer and Owner of Glisten Girls Fitness. She has been a Certified Master Personal Trainer for over 20 years and holds 27+ nationally recognized credentials in fitness!

A lot of us have been trapped at home over this last year or stuck behind a desk most days and aren’t quite getting the exercise we once did! Famisha is on our show today to share some of her tips on how to stay active & healthy even if you’re trapped at home!

Special Guests:

Famisha La’Pree J-Millman- Master Personal Trainer/TV Fitness Expert/Life Changer & Owner of Glisten Girls Fitness

Phone: 480-529-8869

Email: famisha@glistengirlsfitness.com

Website: http://www.glistengirlsfitness.com

*Follow her on Instagram @FITDIVAFAMISHA

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