Creating Our Reality🔮 – Part 2

Today’s Show:

You know you’re doing something exciting when you’re both anxious and uncomfortable yet exhilarated… That’s how I felt when I recorded these episodes. The reason being, the topic is a little “out there” by most people’s definitions, especially in episode 2 where Cori takes me via Hypno to a past life in Egypt my subconscious experienced. Whether you’re a believer or just curious hopefully, you will be open-minded enough to enjoy these episodes that took some courage on my part to be vulnerable to the criticism of my naysayers instead of playing it safe with our regular mainstream content our show provides. I enjoy being different. I enjoy being unharmable. Let’s elevate our consciousness together and see what doors we may open into our own realities.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

7:45 – Why are past lives important

10:00 – Cori explains Past Life Regression Hypnosis

12:07 – Hypnosis starts

18:20 – Rebecca describes herself in past life

28:26 – Recap with Rebecca & Cori

30:07 – Cori wraps up hypnosis session

Special Guests:

Cori Roberts – Mind Body Specialist: 

I am an artist, music lover and passionate about eating clean and vibrant foods. I pride and celebrate myself in being exactly who I am. Often people might see me as younger in nature, that’s because I am! I have been detoxing, meditating and living my best life for almost 15 years. I have learned a tremendous amount about myself through unwinding social pressures, emotional disturbance, physical illnesses, etc…. By doing so, I have uncovered the REAL me and brought about my purpose and gifts. My unique gifts of being a medical intuitive, hypnotherapist, detox specialist, mom of 3 and a professional photographer gives me a unique look at life. I believe that we are all here to find ourselves again. Our authentic selves. And when we do, there is no greater gift.



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