Episode 66: “Coming Out” Spiritually – With Social Psychic Jason Zuk

Today’s Show:

On Today’s show we are COMING OUT Spiritually🙏. We have the extraordinary Jason Zuk on to talk about his path to spirituality and how he came to be where he is today.🔮 Jason is truly an amazing person with many different talents, Psychic Medium, Lawyer, & Podcast Host to name a few! We can learn a lot from hearing Jason’s story and hopefully this show will help those struggling with understanding their own intuitive feelings. Stay tuned for next week’s show where Jason does a reading on Me!

Listen & Learn

2:10 – Jason’s intro
7:18 – Rebecca’s intro of Jason
10:00 – “Coming Out” Spiritually
13:00 – How Jason started as a Psychic
14:58 – Where “Zuk” came from
16:22 – What is a Social Psychic
22:50 – Who are Jason’s spirit guides
25:30 – What is a totem animal
28:25 – From professional to spiritual and balancing the two
29:40 – Intuition in the courtroom
32:40 – How Jason knew about his cancer before doctors
35:15 – Jason’s near death experience

Special Guest:

Jason M. Ciofalo a/k/a Jason Zuk – The Social Psychic & Lawyer: 

Jason has been a licensed Attorney since 2001 and a psychic medium since 2004. Jason adopted the pseudonym “Jason Zuk” in honor of his grandfather whose death inspired him on his spiritual path. When Jason’s grandfather passed away in August 2004, he developed his intuitive abilities and realized that he possesses the ability to communicate with the other side. Since that time, Jason has read for hundreds of people and he has learned that our deceased loved ones tend to remain with us after they cross over to the other side.

Phone: 813-586-3933

Email: the.social.psychic@gmail.com

Website for The Radio : www.dsocialpsychicradio.com

Website for The Social Psychic: www.thesocialpsychic.com

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