Episode 32: Home Inspections – The Major Concerns To Look Out For

Today’s Show:

Home Inspections are no joke and when you go to purchase a home you want to be sure whomever is doing the inspection is experienced and knowledgeable. On today’s episode we have Rob Sell who is a Pro in the Home Inspection Industry! Rob is in studio to share important information and point out some of the major concerns you should be looking for when purchasing a home new or old!

Listen & Learn:

1:30 – Rebecca intros Rob
3:00 – What kind of education does a Home Inspector need?
7:00 – A little bit about Rob & his family
9:00 – Cromford report update
13:30 – Market index report explained
15:18 – Why are home sales in Avondale going up?
17:50 – Dollar volume per month chart
20:00 – More about Rob Sell’s background
22:10 – Rob’s charity work
23:26 – A day in the life of Rob – Facebook post
25:20 – Rebecca’s home inspection story & video
31:53 – Rob’s experience with crawl spaces
33:13 – The longest termite tube Rob has ever seen!
35:20 – The type of Termites Arizona has
39:00 – Inspecting attics in AZ in the summer🥵
41:10 – What kind of filter does Rob recommend for your AC
42:17 – Some of the photos from Rob’s inspections
47:07 – The dangers of plug-in air fresheners
48:55 – Why home inspections are so important for new builds
52:15 – Number 1 reason most people are afraid to move to AZ
56:15 – How to get ahold of Rob and his prices

Special Guest:

Rob Sell – Owner of Sell Home Inspections: 

With over 20 years of experience and 4500+ inspections completed, Rob Sell is a Pro in the Home Inspection industry!

Phone: (602) 908-7355
Email: sellhomeinspect@gmail.com

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