Episode 77: Why Self-Sabotage Is Not Real With Kathleen Thoren

Today’s Show:

In today’s episode, we have the inspirational Kathleen Thoren on to talk about how she got into her work as a Counselor & Minister and how her strategies are helping change lives! Kathleen is a very interesting woman who has been through a lot in her life. But, those past experiences have helped how she approaches client care today. Kathleen believes that self-sabotage is not real, at least not in the way that we may think. Watch today’s show to find out what exactly we mean by that and how her strategies can help lead you to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. 😄

Listen & Learn:

1:40 – Rebecca Intro’s Kathleen
5:25 – Self sabotage and Kathleen’s experience
8:03 – Kathleen’s family history
10:55 – How Kathleen found her religion
18:00 – The Engaged Living Experience
21:28 – The root reason behind negative patterns
22:43 – Being an adult and having freedom to choose
24:12 – Kathleen’s mission
25:00 – What Kathleen is all about & her experience
27:28 – What a certified laugh leader
30:45 – Kathleen’s Facebook page
31:24 – What clients say about Kathleen
32:28 – Letter to Kathleen & how she changed someone’s life

Special Guest:

Kathleen Thoren – Master’s in Counseling & Ministry: Kathleen is the catalyst for personal development to transform ones life so they can experience a more fulfilled life and satisfying healthy relationships with themselves, others, and God. Kathleen Founded Enrich Relationships, Inc. an AZ non-profit serving trauma victims, domestic violence victims, foster children, & veterans. She also Founded KAT Ministries, Inc. a CA non-profit organization helping individuals affected by trauma, abuse, and deprivation. Some other fun facts about Kathleen is she was a vocalist & counselor for the Indy Car Racing Circuit. She served and lived as a missionary in Central America, Mexico, China, Peru, Bolivia, and San Diego’s inner city. She has held leadership positions specializing in organizational leadership for corporations, churches, and non-profit organizations and has managed multimillion-dollar programs at the City of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Phone: 602-315-5997
Email: kathleen.thoren@gmail.com
Website: www.thorengroup.com

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