Episode 83: In This World Nothing Is Certain Except Death & Taxes

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Did you know if you own more than $100,000 of equity in real estate or more than $75,000 of personal property and you pass away your loved ones now have to go to probate court to get what is rightfully theirs? This process can be extremely difficult, stressful, and could cost your loved ones MORE in legal fees than it would have cost to just set up a trust beforehand. I know most of us don’t like to think about these things and push them off but it is good to be prepared so that our loved ones don’t face the consequences of our procrastination in the end. That is why we have “Rising Star” Attorney Lucas Frei in studio to talk about, probate, taxes, estate planning, and most importantly TRUSTS. Watch today’s episode to learn more and be sure to check out the Citadel law firm’s website for TONS of helpful tools and to schedule your FREE consultation with Lucas!

Listen & Learn

1:00 – Rebecca intros Lucas Frei
2:29 – What does it mean to be a “Rising Star” Attorney
4:30 – How Lucas is different from other Attorneys
6:30 – What is a trust?
10:10 – Examples of the need for a trust
11:15 – What is Probate?
13:40 – Protection from incapacity
19:43 – Planning for your children/next of kin
20:43 – What is a beneficiary asset protection trust?
24:15 – Taxes: controversy & resolution
26:05 – Why now is the worst time to be in tax trouble
27:30 – Citadel law firm website & scheduling a consultation with Lucas
29:45 – Citadel closing letter & homework
31:50 – The lifetime service Lucas provides for his clients
32:33 – Lucas’ final thoughts

Special Guests:

Lucas Frei, J.D., LL.M. – Estate Planning Attorney, Tax Attorney, and Probate Lawyer

I graduated from the Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law in 2014. I then had the opportunity to attend the University of Denver and received an advanced degree in the laws of taxation (LL.M.). This intensive program required that I take one extra year of law classes, all in taxation. During this time, I was fortunate enough to work at several small law firms in the Denver area. Upon graduating from the University of Denver, I immediately began work at a large law firm in Colorado, eventually being promoted to lead tax attorney in charge of tax planning, estate planning, and tax litigation.

After many years serving the Denver area, I moved back to Arizona in 2021 and have now joined the Citadel Law Firm. I chose Citadel as we share the same values and approach to the practice of law. We treat clients with respect and pride ourselves on customer service. We believe in a straightforward, honest, and transparent approach to the practice of law. If I can’t help you or if you would be better served by hiring a different attorney, you will hear it from me first. Your trust is of the utmost importance to me.

I utilize my customer service background from my days as a business owner and restaurant manager, coupled with my legal experience stemming from having worked hundreds of cases, to ensure that my clients receive the best possible legal service. It is for these reasons that I was chosen as an Arizona Super Lawyer Rising Star for 2022, a peer given distinction provided to less than 2.5% of attorneys.

While the majority of my legal experience is in tax planning, estate planning, and tax litigation, I have also been involved in business, criminal, immigration, personal injury, and family law matters.

Phone: (480) 565-8020
Email: contact@clfusa.com
Website: www.clfusa.com

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