Episode 88: The Secrets To Becoming Intuitive With Cody Edner

Today’s Show:

Cody Edner is an intuitive reader, healer, and medium with 35+ years of experience! At the young age of 14, Cody had his own spiritual awakening one day when his Aunt persuaded him into getting an energy reading. Since then, Cody began to study meditation and metaphysics deeply. Even today, he continues to explore, learn and teach about what it means to be psychic. Want to learn how to read energies and tap into your intuitive abilities? Then watch today’s show!!

Listen & Learn

1:00 – Rebecca intro’s Cody
2:20 – Stroy of Cody’s first energy reading
6:00 – How Cody developed his intuition
12:45 – Some of the services Cody offers
14:50 – Classes that Cody offers
16:50 – Topics that Cody covers in his classes/readings
18:10 – The different types of Clars & abilities
20:00 – What is Psychometry?
22:27 – Energy Matters podcast that Cody co-hosts with David
25:20 – The kind of meditation Cody teaches
27:00 – Cody’s website & the FREE intuitive reading fair coming up
28:48 – Cody’s final words of advice
30:14 – Rebecca’s outro

Special Guests:

Cody Edner – Spiritual Teacher, Reader and Healer:
Cody Edner has been teaching meditation and intuitive awareness for over 30 years. He is the founder of IntuitiveVision.net, co-host of the Energy Matters podcast, and currently travels and teaches advanced intuitive training programs, workshops and seminars. Cody has done tens of thousands of energy readings & healings and taught thousands more to meditate and tap into their intuitive abilities. He is also the former director of the Berkeley Psychic Institute of Santa Rosa and Aesclepion Wellness Center.

Phone: 719-659-5961
Email: cody@intuitivevision.net
Website: https://www.intuitivevision.net/ & www.energymattersacademy.com

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