Episode 114: Learning Differences & The Perceptually Gifted with Tina Kramer of Simple Learning LLC

Today’s Show:

Do you or someone you love struggle 😖 with symptoms referenced as Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum? Well, you are not alone! Our guest, Tina Kramer is a teacher 👩‍🏫 and the President of Simple Learning LLC and has dedicated her life to helping those with learning differences.

Tina knows that those who learn differently are not following the same path to knowledge. They can be governed by their own thoughts and instincts more than by their experiences. Concepts such as Self, Change, Consequence, Time, Sequence, Order/Disorder, and Responsibility, can be quite challenging and confusing for those who learn differently. And navigating these challenges can result in frustration and struggles in so many areas of life. That is why she has created a program and revolutionary sound device specifically for them.🙌

Tina believes that learning differences can be an asset, not a deficit. Watch or listen to today’s show to learn more about Tina, the services she offers, and the incredible sound device she created to help people focus.😄

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Listen & Learn:

1:20 -Rebecca intros Tina
2:13 – What is a sound device & what it does
4:40 – What does it mean to be perceptually gifted?
7:08 – Tina’s own experience with ADD
8:44 – What are learning differences?
9:45 – Why is anxiety such a common thing today?
11:00 – Pulling the focus into the here & now
12:21 – Order & disorder
13:24 – How long do you wear your sound device?
17:02 – Step 2 in Tina’s program
18:40 – Tina’s 10 concepts
20:40 – How to teach consequences from a neutral place vs punishment
21:38 – What is time blindness?
23:00 – Tina’s concept on sequencing
25:50 – Do these learning differences subside with age?
26:55 – Tina’s website & how to contact her
28:24 – What Tina’s sound device does for her clients
31:18 – Gift idea & special discount
32:00 – Some of Tina’s testimonials
35:00 – Seeing an increase in learning differences
35:35 – Services Tina offers
37:30 – Rebecca’s final thoughts and giveaway!

Special Guests:

Tina S. Kramer – President – Simple Learning LLC: Tina was a traditional classroom teacher in the International Schools of Hong Kong. There she recognized the challenge with focusing for intelligent, failing students and traveled the world looking for answers.

Through her work in creating an individualized developmental approach to education, she invented the patented pending Sound Device improving focus for all ages. She now coaches individuals and corporations, quickly fills in gaps related to knowledge/skills, spring boarding leaders going through the “Great reevaluation” that is happening as a result of the pandemic.

Originally from Indiana, and was born a passionate educator trying to teach the family cat to fetch as a preschooler. Adventurous spirit as an avid motorcycle rider and an imagination of equal dimension. I have lived and worked all over the world. I earned a BS of Elementary Education from Ball State University and I have taught in the classroom in the USA and in Hong Kong.

Over time, I noticed children in many of my classes were clearly intelligent, however, were struggling academically and some socially as well. This realization caused me to research non- traditional disciplines and led to the discovery of Learning Differences as associated with a Visual Learning Style. (symptoms referenced as Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum) Creator of specialized tailored programs that make a positive difference specific to an individual’s learning style and development.

Phone: 1.812.614.7614
Email: kramertina.email@gmail.com
Website: www.simplelearningedu.com

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