Episode 119: Sellers Rejoice – Real Estate Market Heats up Again! Market Update: With Joe Smith, Tara Krieg, & Anthony Penna

Today’s Show:

Our newest episode dives into the real estate market🏠 and how this buyer’s market was the shortest in history and we are officially in a seller’s market once again! We will review the latest Cromford Report to provide a comprehensive overview of the current market📈 with our sponsors and expert guests Anthony Penna of Navi Title, Tara Krieg of TK Team Lending, & Joe Smith of Epic Mortgage. We will also be discussing the headlines and explaining why we think they should be creating hope versus fear. 😨 We will go over strategies to help current buyers and sellers navigate their way through this ever-changing market and discuss the best opportunities for those looking to make their move.🙌 Don’t miss your chance to get the latest insights and advice on the real estate market!

Listen & Learn:

0:50 – Rebecca intros Joe, Anthony, & Tara
1:50 – Rebecca reviews the previous year’s stats
3:45 – The Cromford market index explained
6:10 – Cromford city rankings by price per sqft
9:35 – More Cromford stats explained
12:20 – Anthony debunking article headlines
14:47 – We need more listings!
16:27 – New listings now below previous years
18:28 – Goldman Sachs article – weird & unlikely market forecasts
21:00 – What is REALLY going on in the market & everyone’s thoughts on the article
23:46 – Housing market short millions of homes
25:35 – Foreclosure up, but near record lows
26:55 – A recession does not mean falling house prices
28:18 – Where are we today with interest rates?
32:13 – What to do to avoid a bidding war as a buyer
36:45 – Mortgage rate projections
38:35 – This may be the only window in the next few years to get into a buyer’s market
40:30 – The market cycle chart
42:55 – Tara’s final thoughts on the current market
43:18 – Joe’s final thoughts
44:19 – Anthony’s final thoughts
46:07 – Tina Tamboer’s market condition summary
47:35 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guests:

Anthony Penna – Senior Vice President at Navi Title

“There is nothing more satisfying than helping people achieve their goals by providing them with opportunities to excel in their business. It’s an awesome process that I feel very fortunate to be a part of.” Navi Title Agency is an Arizona-based full-service title agency. They offer competitive escrow and title solutions complemented by a strong tradition of grassroots standards.

Phone: 602-510-8848
Email: apenna@navititle.com
Website: www.navititle.com/

Joe Smith – Owner/Broker of Epic Mortgage

Joe Smith first started in the mortgage business in 2002 as a loan officer. He quickly established himself as a top producer, eventually managing the state of Arizona for a top 10 mortgage lender. After 17yrs in traditional retail banking, working for many top companies in the mortgage business he decided to make a jump to becoming a mortgage broker himself. Currently, Joe is the Broker and Owner at Epic Mortgage and is definitely someone you’re gonna want to go to for advice on lending!

Phone: 602-741-4121
Email: joe@myepicloan.com
Website: www.myepicloan.com

Tara Krieg – Owner of TK Team Lending

Licensed to provide mortgages and loan programs for homeowners and buyers within Arizona, she has over 12 years’ experience in all aspects of real estate finance, real estate investing, mortgage planning, and business planning. Her specialties include loan origination, credit education, mortgage-related financial consulting and planning, and personal coaching of Junior Loan Officers.

Phone: 480-344-1951
Email: tkrieg@amerifirst.us
Website: www.tkteam.us

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