Episode 123: Demystifying the Mystic – An Interview & Live Reading with Professional Psychic Toney Nicacio

Today’s Show:

Join us for a fascinating🙌 and eye-opening episode with Professional Psychic, Gifted Medium/Clairvoyant, Empath, & Reiki Master Toney Nicacio! During this episode, Rebecca will be exploring the extraordinary by interviewing Toney to learn how he discovered his incredible abilities at the early age of 9 and his journey to becoming a Professional Psychic.🔮 We will also be discussing the people Toney has helped with his gifts over the years and to top it all off, Toney will be doing a live reading for Rebecca on the show!😄 This is an episode you don’t want to miss as it will leave you feeling inspired and curious about messages from your own guides or loved ones.💖

🚨Call Toney 🚨and mention seeing him on our show to receive a FREE 20min Reiki session – your body and mind will thank you!

Listen & Learn:

1:10 – Rebecca intros Toney
2:48 – Rebecca 1st experience with Toney
5:30 – Why Toney named his business The Purple Chakra
7:12 – Toney’s story about when he was 9 years old & realized his gifts
9:45 – What lead Toney to start sharing his gifts & giving readings
14:00 – What objections Toney hears regarding religion & psychics
15:23 – Does everyone have this ability?
16:45 – How Toney does Reiki healing and what role symbols play in it
18:25 – Rebecca’s experience receiving Reiki
22:33 – Toney’s office (the pyramid-shaped building)
23:45 – How Toney does phone readings
25:07 – Toney’s website & services
25:55 – How & why Toney uses his cards
26:36 – The different types of Clairs & Toney’s abilities
30:25 – Toney does a reading for Rebecca (We do not show the full reading to maintain Rebecca’s privacy)
34:09 – Toney shares some past clients’ stories
40:50 – Toney’s messages come from a place of good
42:43 – Toney’s final message
43:34 – Rebecca’s final thoughts

Special Guests:

Toney Nicacio – Professional Psychic, Gifted Medium/Clairvoyant, Empath, & Reiki Master: Since my earliest childhood memory I could always recall having a special ability. I have always seemed to know things before they would happen If it were through dreams or just a knowing.

My first recollection was at the age of 9 when my elementary class was broken into and art supplies and other items were stolen. The schoolyard was located near a vineyard in central California. I went to my teacher and told her where she could find all the supplies. The police were called and I told them you can find everything buried in the dirt just outside a few feet away from the school window. I described the two kids who committed the crime but knew the police did not believe me. I would have to lead them to the spot they were buried. They did recover all the items but did not understand how I knew. As I got older my ability grew stronger and found myself in my adulthood working with police and assisting police departments in California. I have worked with missing persons and crime investigations.

I believe that we all have this ability it is just that some of us have come into this world with the volume dial turned up a little more than others. if we were to let go of our fear and allow ourselves to embrace who will truly are and our unlimited capabilities. I believe anything is possible. I have been very fortunate to have been given this gift. I cherish it and respect it and devoted my life to always being of service.

Website: https://thepurplechakra.com/
Email: toneynicacio@gmail.com
Phone: 602-370-2551

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